All Quiet on the Hollywood Front

The Oscar battle of 2006 is a distant memory. The victors have already counted the spoils (I can still see Marty standing up there on that stage though, finally clutching the little gold man), leaving the losers to cart the bodies of Eddie Murphy and Dreamgirls off the field. With the battle lines not yet (read…)

Review: Next (2007) **

Had NEXT been more outrageous, either silly or thrilling or even bad, I might have been entertained. Unfortunately it was neither very good, offensively bad nor amusingly ridiculous. It’s too bad Nicolas cage isn’t really a clairvoyant or he might have known how badly NEXT would turn out and he could have saved us all the trouble.

Weekend Forecast: 4/27/07

It’s a slow weekend in theaters. In wide release: The Invisible:  High school sensitive guy Justin Chatwin is savagely attacked by a street gang for his participation in Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2.  Unfortunately he doesn’t die, but is left in some kind of crazy supernatural limbo and he must find his body before… before… well, before I don’t know (read…)

Review: Hot Fuzz (2007) ****

As the lead character in the new comedy Hot Fuzz, Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) is what you might call a hard ass.  He’s a by-the-book, one man London police machine with a 400% higher arrest rate than any other officer in the city.  His reward for a job well done?  A promotion to sergeant – (read…)

Ebert’s Latest Sneak Preview

In anticipation  of attending his 9th Annual Overlooked Film Festival beginning this Wednesday, Roger Ebert has chosen to answer a couple of questions that have been on the minds of movie lovers everywhere:  “Is he ok?” and “How does he look?” It’s shocking at first to see the toll that cancer has taken on him as it (read…)

Review: In the Land of Women (2007) **

I like to tell myself that if my father was an Oscar nominated writer and director with several hits and at least four films that can be considered cultural touchstones under his belt (2 written, 2 written/directed); and if this father executive produced a screenplay I wrote and got his Oscar nominated, long-time editor to do the cutting; and finally, if my father’s name (read…)

Review: Exterminating Angels (2007) ** 1/2

In 2005, director Jean-Claude Brisseau was charged with sexual harassment, assault and fraud by a French court after he was accused by two actresses of forcing them to masturbate for him over over a 5 year period in tests (some on camera, some not) for his 2002 film Secret Things, a film for which they were ultimately not cast.    Brisseau maintained (read…)

The Last Picture Show: 1970-2007

I wasn’t going to go.  All day long I kept coming up with excuses.  It’s too far.   It’s a work night.  I don’t really want to see Shooter again.  I’d rather go see the Siodmak film at The Egyptian.  After a while though, I realized these were all the same reasons I hadn’t gone before and (read…)

Curtains Lowered on the National

This was brought to my attention via an item at Hollywood-Elsewhere and was confirmed this morning at  The 1112-seat Mann National in Westwood, one of the last large, single-screen theatres built in Los Angeles, will close tonight after the final 10:10pm showing of Shooter. I’m told Westwood was once prime movie watching territory and (read…)

To Hell in a Popcorn Bag

Whatever happened to the good old-fashioned bucket of popcorn and which bean-counting stooge first thought of replacing it with the paper bag anyway?  Yes I know, in the grand cosmic scheme of things it probably seems of little consequence, but is it really?    It turns out life is not just about the big events.  In between the marriages and funerals (read…)

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