Geoffrey Macnab reports for The UK’s Screen Daily that Alex Cox has finished writing the screenplay and is looking for studio backing for Repo Chick, a return to his iconic cult film Repo Man which mixed post-apocalyptic science fiction with early-‘80s LA flavored punk angst and served it up with Cox’s unique brand of deadpan humor.

The new film will have a female lead and will feature unnamed cast members from the original, but not Emilio Estevez or Harry Dean Stanton. You have to figure Cox favorites Sy Richardson and Del Zamora will be along for the ride.

I enjoyed Cox’s most recent film, the as yet unreleased Searchers 2.0, to a point but I’m skeptical about this one. It’s not that the world isn’t ripe for satire with a snotty punk smirk. I’m just not sure if Cox can recapture that Repo Man magic. It was a miraculous combination of elements (particularly the punk soundtrack) unique to its time and place and it might prove difficult to recreate. 

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  1. Repo Man as a cult film really does belong right there in the ’80s.

    Then again, it just might work if it entails a subtle analysis of the times today and how so many things have actually sadly only become more “ripe for satire” as you say, Craig.

    Loved seeing Repo Man at the Castro about a year and a half ago as the latter part of a double bill with Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Really had the theatre rocking way late at night.

  2. WIth a movie like The Repo Man, lightning strikes once. If you’re lucky. And you can’t really set out with the purpose of re-capturing the same feel, because the minute you think about how to do it, you’ve already lost.

  3. That’s my immediate reaction as well, K. Bowen.

  4. The Repo Man DVD commentary is awesome, so much fun to listen to.

    The last I heard about 3 or 4 months ago was that Cox’s sequel would be in comic book form, not as a film and that it would focus on a male character and that it would be set in the future, or a near future.

    How quickly things change. This, however, doesn’t sound like a good idea to me.

  5. This sounds like we’re headed for SHOCK TREATMENT territory…But Cox was a a favorite in the 80’s and I don’t know what happened.

  6. Cox is not following the repo code as it applies to his better movies.

    I find Cox absolutely fascinating as an interview subject in docs about Kubrick or Spaghetti Westerns or what have you, but this does not bode well. He should, in keeping with Repo Man’s generic products, just call it “Sequel.”

  7. What K. Bowen said….though I’m rooting for Cox.

  8. The graphic novel titled Waldo’s Hawaiian Holiday is the original script to the sequel to REPO MAN. Alex Cox became frustrated trying to get that script off the ground. So, when he was approached to make “WHH” into a graphic novel, he let the script become a graphic novel (read comic book). Why “WHH” has that title, has to do with rights to the title REPO MAN, which Universal Pictures owns.

    Repo Chick on the other hand is the newest script that Alex wants to make into a movie. A sequel in the strictest sense, it will not be. Just as “WHH” was not a sequel, per se. Remember this is Alex Cox. He never comes out of anywhere, but left field and we love him for it.

    So, it might be true that Alex Cox will be shooting Repo Chick soon. Might be. How do I know? I’ve acted and/or composed music on 8 of his movies, from Repo Man forward. The lastest being “SEARCHERS 2.0”. I play the lead. Don’t count Alex Cox out. He always surprises. Keep rooting for an independent film maker. Thanks and remember, “Hermanos Rodriguez, don’t approve of drugs.”


  9. Thank you for stopping by, Mr. Zamora. I’m a big fan of the work of you and Mr. Cox. I caught Searchers 2.0 at AFI Fest a year ago and liked it quite a bit.

    My skepticism comes from my enthusiasm for the wholly unique Repo Man original more than anything else.

  10. My skepticism comes from my desire to let something that was a complete story exist on its own, Del. Films that exist wholly on their own terms tend to be detrimental to the very notion of a sequel, since the magic of that original effort can’t be easily recaptured and the necessity of continuing the storyline beyond the much-beloved and self-contained original isn’t a necessity to the audience.

    That said, if Mr Cox has something new and interesting to bring to the table, then I wish him luck.

    Thank you for the clarification!

  11. Mr Cox, being Mr. Cox, will always be unorthodox. He has completed Repo Chick, and is in the final stages of post production. It is not a sequil, but a comedy in its own right. Alex will go on to more great work as one of the most innovative writers and directors of Independent Films of our time. Be sure to read X-Films, his book on the conception, writing, casting, and making of his first ten films. Must reading for any aspiring film maker who ever held a Bolex Camera in his or her hand. As an actor, I’ve worked with Alex twice: as Oly in Repo Man, and as Senator Fletcher in Repo Chick, and I find him one of the most charismatic and down to earth directors I’ve ever worked for.

  12. Thanks for stopping by Tom. I loved you in Repo Man and look forward to your turn in Repo Chick.

    Whether or not I’ve always been crazy about one of Cox’s films, I admire that he’s always pursuing his own unique vision and I always look forward to what he’s doing next.

    The most recent of his I’ve seen was Searchers 2.0. It wasn’t a classic along the lines of Repo Man, but I liked it.

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