MTV’s Larry Carroll spoke with Zack Snyder about his eagerly (and/or nervously) anticipated adaptation of Alan Moore’s Watchmen. I’m almost as skeptical as anyone, but Snyder continues to say the right things:

“I feel like the thing with Watchmen that’s really important is the way it deconstructs superhero mythology, and I think that cinema now is the place where superheroes go to enter mass culture. We wanted to do the same thing with Watchmen. I want people who don’t know Watchmen to start to understand how it relates to their mythology, the mythology that we now treasure – which is the mythology of superheroes.”

Interestingly, when talking about the trailer, Snyder says the scenes with Dr. Manhattan blowing people up in Vietnam are “a little rougher” in the R-rated version. I haven’t been paying attention, but has it already been accepted that Watchmen would be an R? As you know from my beef with the PG-13 Dark Knight, this would be great news. Watchmen cannot be squeaky clean.

It’s getting awfully superhero-ey around here lately. I’m thinking of investing in a cape and a pair of tights.

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  1. Yeah, Craig, this isn’t new news, but interesting in the context of your TDK review. Again though, the rating gives me hope but that trailer makes me think it will fall short of PG-13 TDK in the gritty, adult dept.

  2. I hate to sound like a sour puss about this film, but I’m extremely skeptical about this guy directing Moore’s book. I’m sure it’ll be watchable at the very least, but the trailer is very much the opposite of what Watchmen is. It’s clean, it’s glossy, it’s hyper-stylized and relies on Matrix-esque visual techniques to pump you up and display how cool it is. When he read Watchmen, did he not realize it was dirty, gritty, ugly and kinda realistic? It’s an alternate history that uses real events to convey a plausible, frightening apocalyptic theme. Snyder has zero qualities as an original director. He’s a mimic. If he’s not ripping off the Wachowski’s, he’s copying a book panel-for-panel. I’m not a comic book guy (in fact, Watchmen is the only comic I’ve read from beginning to end), but it’s difficult for me to believe Snyder can properly tell this story. Watchmen is, undeniably, a piece of art. The movie just looks like it wants to be cool.

    Sidenote: I found this on youtube. Moore discussing his book.


  3. damn, that didn’t post. Here’s the link:

  4. It needs to be realistic to work. 300 style slo-mo has the opposite effect.

    Agree with everything Joel and Ari say here.

  5. It’s news to me but then I have made a point of trying to ignore any news on the film; that was until the trailer and went all weak at the knees.

    It’s brilliant news at that, Watchmen just wouldn’t be Watchmen without that rating, in fact I’d say it would be impossible to make it without a R.

    I’ve been dreading someone making it and ruining it for years; do I dare dream that Zack Synder might just pull this off? I agree with the above poster that the trailer looked less gritty than TDK but it looked so damn good all the same.

  6. Hey, thanks for stopping by Ibetolis. Up until the trailer hit, I’d been kind of steering clear of the film too which is how I didn’t know they were shooting for an R.

    It’s good news, but like Joel says, the trailer still doesn’t look especially adult.

    Ari, I don’t think you’re being a sourpuss, I think I agree with you. I’m of two minds on this film: wanting it to rule and fearing that it won’t. Realistically, the movie probably couldn’t be completely faithful to the comic. Not enough people would go see it. There’s a degree of selling out and compromise that always seems to go into a film adaptation, so it’s a matter of how much they get right and how much is changed.

    And as I’ve said, Snyder is talking the talk, but it doesn’t mean he’ll get it right, regardless of his intentions.

  7. One more agreeing here. After 300 I have very little faith in Snyder that he knows the difference between ‘cool’ and ‘good’.

  8. I’m reading Watchmen for the first time (just finished the 7th volume or issue or whatchamacallit), and well…I find the mood of the trailer and the comic to be almost diametrically opposed.

    I’ll review the comic once I finish, but let me just say: I’m impressed by the layered storytelling, and I love how complex it dares to be, but I’m not really…well, “involved” is probably the best word for it. Somehow, I’m more interested thinking about what influenced what than in what will happen in the end to the characters.

    The film looks…too slick, I suppose. Cool, yes, absolutely, but gritty? Not quite.

    Good it’s getting an R though. At PG-13, it definitely couldn’t be true to any aspect of the comic.

  9. I am not familiar at all with “Watchmen” nor did I see “300” (I know, I know), but the trailer for the film is a complete triumph, imo.

  10. why is watchmen 18 because kidulthood is 15 and thats got loads of swearing, nudity, graphic violence, an attempted rape, and a suicide.

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