Anne Thompson reported this morning that the new hosts of At the Movies would be E! Entertainment’s Ben (son of Jeffrey, grandson of Leonard) Lyons and Turner Classic Movies host Ben (grandson of Herman, great nephew of Joseph L.) Mankiewicz.

Normally I try to post items I have an opinion on. In this case, I’ve got nothing. I’m just following up.

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19 Responses to “Well, it’s better than Lyons and Medved”

  1. Ben Lyons?

    Ugh… I still remember him and his dad on that short-lived MSNBC Saturday morning movie show three years ago. Bad memories.

  2. Jeffrey Lyons, in the tradition of Joel Siegel is a passionate and likable guy…………..but an absolutely abominable film critic.

  3. Ben Mankiewicz is a very funny, pleasant and charming fellow from Turner Classic Movies, though. So that is probably a good move–even if it’ll be strange to hear his take on the newest releases rather than some John Wayne western or ’50s sci-fi flick as I’m used to on the weekends.

  4. I commented on this over at AD, but I’ll just say here to save Craig the hardship of watching him, Ben Lyons is the quintessential distillation of all that is shallow, commercial and mindless in Hollywood. Take all of Hollywood’s worst traits and put them into a name-dropping, fame-obsessed frat-boy body, put them on TV and fill your mouth with vomit, and you’ve got Ben Lyons.

  5. Jennybee, again, you’ve nailed it. You’re on a never-ending roll.

  6. Ahahahaha jennybee, I doubt I’ll read anything as smart funny again today.

  7. The fact that Lyons hails from E!(gad) is all the information I needed to know he was probably a tool of Ryan Seacrest proportions, but thank you for the laugh Jennybee!

    I’ve heard the other guy described as Robert Osbourne Light. That’s not a bad thing, but I want a show like the OLD Siskel & Ebert…you know, a couple of smart dudes arguing intelligently about movies.

  8. That JennyBee dissection is indeed a classic.

  9. “…you know, a couple of smart dudes arguing intelligently about movies.”

    It’s just about impossible to find smart dudes arguing intelligently about anything on television these days (cable news political “discussions,” anyone?), so tapes and YouTube clips from the heyday of “At the Movies” is all we’ll probably have.

    Ben M. is kind of Robert Osborne Light. Like I said, I wonder how he would approach new releases rather than “classic” films.

    But Ben Lyons?

    Maybe they’ll call it Ben & Ben.

  10. Egads I recall with horror Lyons and Medved. It was hilarious how every film was viewed through a prism of “can I take my family?” Of course, Medved wasn’t a full-blown rightie at that point. He still does have a somewhat discernible appreciation for good films, but he was so dopily offended by KILL BILL I called his show to skool him.

    But Medved introduced me to SKIDOO, so I owe him one…

  11. Glad Ben Lyons’ presence on this planet has finally inspired a small chuckle. At least he’s not a complete waste of oxygen.

    Mankiewicz has never really bothered me on the TCM intros, so maybe there’s hope there. I have no idea about his ability as a reviewer, though.

    To hear a couple of smart guys talking about movies, I like the Filmspotting podcast. It’s fun.

  12. The Medved/Skidoo connection is one I haven’t heard. Do tell.

  13. Medved included SKIDOO in the golden turkey awards and the world’s 50 worst movies books he co-wrote with his brother. that’s where i first read about the film…

  14. Ahhh…so it wasn’t like a direct recommendation, it was accidental reverse psychology.

  15. If Medved hates something, the chances are it’s worth seeing.

  16. I’m confused, so they’re not just cancelling the show? Does this mean it’s going to be morphed into something closer to another Extra! or Entertainment Tonight?

  17. The show lives on, though what form it will take no one seems to know.

    I was never the school bully type, but Medved’s a guy you want to stomp on his glasses and then stuff him in his locker.

  18. I think the key to Medved’s psychology is that he probably was stomped on at school and instead of fighting bullies, he became one.

  19. Nice! I like that.

    I still want to steal his lunch money.

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