Kind of a slow news day so far. Almost makes you wish someone would get accused of smacking his or her mom around so we could analyze it and talk about it until it turned out to maybe not be exactly true. Allegedly. Sort of.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is a great way to bring that up without actually commiting to it. Most people seem to be of the opinion that the entire story is bogus–I have my own opinion, based on long-time perceptions, but I won’t rock the boat.

  2. I heard that it was all for nothing because he cut away before the fist actually landed.

  3. It was a pretty chickenshit way for me to have a taste of the controversy while still (allegedly) keeping my hands clean. Thank you for noticing that right away.

    The way news travels these days, I suppose it’s silly of me to expect people not to talk about these things as they crop up, even if all the facts aren’t known.

  4. Ahahha Joel. Touché. They would’ve showed it in an R-rated movie.

  5. Whatever happened, it’s not good and I hope Bale gets whatever help/punishment he needs/deserves for whatever may/may not have happened…but I couldn’t resist.

  6. To be honest Craig, while Awards Daily is giving this maximum coverage, I definitely agree that you should devote at least a single post to it. I would have done exactly the same myself. And your nervous disclaimer of it is not Chickenshit at all, it is a noble way of saying that your heart is not in this, but lets let the LIC people make their own comments. You handled it all superbly.

  7. Nah Sam, it’s chickenshit and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

    AD has a distinct interest in the story whether it’s true or not because this kind of thing impacts the awards race. LiC doesn’t have a stake in it at all, except for the fact that I enjoy the man’s work.

  8. joel, I’d also like to suggest that if there’s something fishy about filing a trumped-up complaint or some kind of shake-down extortionist thing instigated by an (allegedly) harpy sister, I hope she gets whatever punishment/bad karma is due to her too.

    all reports now are saying it was basically a verbal assault, not exactly an OJ moment.

    fuck, if we had laws against cussing people out in America, I’d be on death row.

  9. This is so beneath me I won’t even comment.

    Whoops, just did.

  10. Sam, what we’ve tried to do on AD is run counter to the prevailing gleeful “news” coverage like “Is Batman a Mom-Beater?” (actual headline) That shit is fucked up, and I’m proud to speak out publicly and call it what it is: [expletive deleted on advice of counsel]

  11. See, this is the problem with this even being discussed. No one knows what the f*ck they’re talking about.

  12. From what I’ve read, it sounds like the hotel room melodrama was like a deleted scene out of Million Dollar Baby.

    Bale: “Did you see the film, Mom?”

    Bale’s mom: “Yes. [PAUSE] But you lost, son you, lost. You had to sacrifice yourself, you had to take the rap for Harvey because Gotham couldn’t find out just how warped he had become as a result of the Joker.”

    Bale’s sister, wearing a Big Ben T-shirt: “I just want to see the Tower of London, that’s why I’m here.”

    Bale: “Get out of here!!! [Insert Hilary Swank’s dialogue telling her mom to get out of the room.]”

  13. Ryan, I think Awards Daily has handled the entire matter quite well, and I particularly cite you for your tastefulness. If it seemed for some reason that I was annoyed at something, it was only a few respondants who seemed to exonerate Bale, because they objected to the sleazy coverage.

    But the coverage has been exemplary, even if Alexander is right to point out that it is a tough pill to swallow, so to speak.

    Great dialogue there Alexander!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. True, joel, but if you can pose your ‘ifs’ then it’s only fair to consider the other ‘ifs’ involved.

    I don’t even care about their personal sqabbles. It’s the media distortion that’s pissing me off… “assault” is an inflammatory word, and legally involves standards in the UK that we ordinarily shrug of in the USA. The cable news jackals know this, but it’s more fun for them to play it up like Bale punched mum in the face.

  15. That’s the thing, in this TMZ world gossip plays before anyone has a chance to really look at the facts. Who knew the Brits have a different legal definition of assault? No one cared. It was a juicy story.

    Good one Alexander!

  16. I just get tired of people being tried in the media. But I also don’t expect it to go away.

  17. Ooh, Sam, that was an extremely loaded comment (comment #1) without actually committing yourself to revealing your opinion. You sly dog. :)

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