Still quivering in post-coital bliss over the vigorous tonguing they received from Hugh Jackman (plugging the upcoming Wolverine movie in a surprise visit), the Comic-Con masses in San Diego were sent into new convulsions of ecstasy by some unannounced footage from the sequel to Tron featuring Jeff Bridges. Referred to as Tr2n, reports vary as to whether this is actual sequel footage or just test footage. Back in March, Disney talked about a 3-D sequel coming in 2011.

I loved Tron when I was a little kid. I’m just saying.

In other news, legions of Twilight fans also got to wet their beaks with a taste of the upcoming movie starring Kristen Stewart. I’m still a little mystified by the whole Twilight phenomena, but I have until December to get on board (or not) I guess.

Tomorrow: The Watchmen

4 Responses to “Comic-Con Thursday”

  1. Tron? Tron? Oh no. I loved it then, too. But not everything I loved needs a remake or sequel.

  2. Let’s hope it’s not a comic-Tron (groan).

  3. Yeah, I love Tron too but I agree that a sequel sounds like a horrible idea. But then you say Jeff Bridges and my ears prick up because I love that guy and he always raises the bar on anything he does.

    The weird thing is that there’s a very vocal Tron cult out there clamoring for more Tron, but they’re not very big and each time they’ve tried to give them more Tron sales have been poor (video game versions, a lovely special edition DVD). You’d think the studio would have figured out that the demand for Tron isn’t that huge? Maybe they think Transformers is some sort of template for a Tron sequel?

    I wonder what kind of budget they will give this thing?

  4. If they tackle it with the inventive intentions of the (admittedly flawed) orignial, I’m on board. If they push the envelope of technology again and try to tell an interesting story, sign me up.

    Of course there’s little about Disney these days to suggest it’ll be any of these things, but the pre-teen, grilled cheese sandwich eating, Intellivision (intelligent television!) playing goofball that’s still alive inside of me will remain optimistic until given a reason to believe otherwise.

    Also, yeah. Jeff Bridges. Come on!

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