Lose Your Breakfast

Everything’s for sale, including the golden years of my movie youth. Click the picture above to link to a JC Penney commercial that will supposedly be playing in movie theaters this weekend. Then wash the aftertaste out of your mouth by watching the original in less than 7 minutes below. Whatever happened to John Hughes anyway?

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  1. Target audience of ad the students with their 80s retro vibe or their parents, who loved the original? It’s a little bit scary that I’m old enough to have kids that age.

    One Halloween in college I dressed up as Ally Sheedy from The Breakfast Club. Almost no one figured out who I was, but it was fun nonetheless. :)

  2. Ally Sheedy! JB, you’re kind of my hero today.

    I’m guessing its aimed at the parents, which nauseates me even further because if I had spawn, it would be aimed at ME…and I know people my age who will fall for it. Ugh.

  3. Goldangit, I’ve been sitting on a John Hughes post for like 3 months.

    I think he either produced or wrote Drillbit Taylor. or something.

  4. This already played in the theater last week when I saw Mamma Mia!. The people behind me started moaning “Why are they making a remake of this?”

    We were all even more annoyed when it turned out to be a tasteless JC Penney commercial.

  5. That’s funny Daniel I concieved of one a while back too, but sat on it and then the LA Times or someone stole my thunder when Drillbit came out. They actually tried to track him down and interview him, but I think they failed.

    Alison, glad the ad was met with scorn which is what it deserves.

  6. This actually wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for that AWFUL cover of the Simple Minds song. The ad itself does a decent job of copping the original’s visuals, even if it does so in a completely soulless, pointless, and utterly derivative manner.

    I was wondering when they’d get around to remaking all those John Hughes movies from the 80’s. I’m sure they’ll be popping them out really soon.

    Miley Cyrus stars in 16 Candles: The Next Generation!

  7. According to IMDB, he’s also been scripting the many Beethoven sequels (why, oh why) under an alias.

  8. Oh well. A man’s gotta eat.

  9. Yeah, it’s the song and the principle that puts me off. When I look at the still image I caputred of the commercial, it fills me with a bit of nostalgia. That’s the whole point, I know, but one frame works, but the whole thing sickens.

  10. Yes, he’s mostly been writing scripts for movies you probably didn’t see under pseudonyms for the last 15 years or so. As Alison said, man has gotta eat.

    Screengrab had a great “Vanishing Act” post on him recently: http://www.nerve.com/CS/blogs/screengrab/archive/2008/02/08/vanishing-act-john-hughes.aspx

  11. Totally gross.

    I go to the theater to escape commercials. Or I did…

  12. Arclight!

  13. i don’t give a danm what happened to john hughes. am i the only one that doesn’t. probably…

    never liked this stuff and no i probaly like it even less….so smile… :)

    ‘the usual suspects/are the ones we despise..”

  14. I would think Glimmer, as a guy with a soft spot for the misfits of the world, you’d appreciate a movie maker who spent the best part of his career celebrating them.

    But I’ve been wrong before.

  15. Who brings a dog to detention?

  16. Suburban JC Penney Mallrats.

  17. craig…i guess my level of misfitdom is pretty off the scale..ha ha..

    i always view hughes films as being for ‘the kids’ and normal types/cool types….i think those were films biggest supporters/and the one thought these films were so amazing…

    john hughes fans/ hey i think they tortured alot of misfits.hey maybe the real misfits weren’t as ‘cool’ as the ones in his movies.i mean how are they gonna relate to that ?? ha ha…

    hughes films had such a broad appeal. and as i often say something for ‘everyone’ is something that’s usually not gonna get me enthused…

    so no to hughes…

  18. I myself was mixed on Hughes. Tho I thought he made the best teen films of the era, and he certainly nailed some hip music, his stuff was a bit too much “our parents fucked us up WAH” and the characters were smug and privileged. But I hated Bender in TBC.

  19. These things appealed to me in high school. They were certainly superior to most of what passes as teen movies before or since.

  20. Yeah, I’m mixed on Hughes, too, Christian. Our parents did fuck us up, but complaining about it gets old after awhile. Move on already. And the Bender character was a caricature of the “bad kid who comes from a terrible home life, wah wah wah” – kids who get beaten and burned with cigarettes by their parents don’t normally share that info with their peers or with anyone else. They can barely admit it to themselves.

    TBC represents the cultural phenomenon of the time, though. It had its good moments. I liked the guy who played the janitor. And I liked Ally Sheedy in the movie. I haven’t watched it in awhile, and I’m sure it would strike me as dated now. But as Craig points out as far as teen movies go this is superior to a lot of what gets made in this genre, and at least it wasn’t exploitative the way so many other teen movies of the time were.

  21. Well, TBC would be Bergman now as far as teen films go today. No sex, no shit jokes, no gross out gags.

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