Counting Friday’s estimates, The Dark Knight is approaching the $262 million mark and should be very close to $300 million by the end of the weekend [Update: The Dark Knight crossed $300 million on Sunday]. It has made as much money in 8 days as the current number one film, Iron Man, made in 28.

Here’s an LiC quote from a week ago: “Unless I’m reading the movie and people wrong (likely on both counts), I’m not convinced The Dark Knight will end up the #1 film of the year at the box office.”

In the words of the Joker:

6 Responses to “When I’m wrong, I’m wrong…And I’m wrong.”

  1. Craig, once again you’ve shown the world why you’re a hundred times the man a David Poland is.

    The last sign of the apocalypse is Poland admitting he got something like this wrong.

    Oh, and your statement–that you weren’t convinced it would be the #1 film of the year at the box office–still left it open as a possibility. Yet another attribute I could never say Poland and some others online possess.

  2. Well, the wishy-washy bet hedging of my original statement doesn’t change the fact that I was wrong. And not just a little bit wrong. Most likely a lot wrong.

    I still think people who are calling for Titanic-like numbers are crazy, but I’m keeping my yap shut about it because I’ve had enough wrongness for one week.

  3. Good point of comparison Alexander. Craig’s a very different kind of man. And we’re all the richer for it.

  4. Wow, this may overtake POTC 3 if it hasn’t already – don’t know what the final box office tally on that was – I know it was 2007’s top earner.


  5. hmm these are records this newer batman thing pulled off in the states…

    midnight screening
    biggest boxoffice weekend
    biggest one day
    fastest to reach $200 million…

    and boxoffice prophets (yes i love this) says it’s likley to snag the record for largest second weekend too.

    and whatever else is missed…

  6. The Dark Knight: 0 to 300 million in ten days!

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