Quel maledetto treno blindatoEnzo G. Castellari’s Quel maledetto treno blindato (aka Inglorious Bastards), the inspiration for Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming film will play at LA’s New Beverly Cinema Wednesday and Thursday night along with Castellari’s La Battaglia d’Inghilterra (aka Battle Squadron).

Bastards tells the story of a group of 5 GIs facing court-martial in France. When their convoy is attacked, they escape and make their way to safety across the Swiss border, engaging in assorted acts of heroism along the way.

Battle Squadron is based on the true story of German spies infiltrating the British army on the eve of the Battle of Britain.

Mr. Castellari will be there for a Q&A on Wednesday in celebration of his 80th birthday and the release of the Inglorious Bastards 3-Disc DVD set. Schedule permitting, he will also be joined by stars Bo Svenson and Fred Williamson.

Come on out and support your local repertory cinema. The fun begins at 7:30 each night and LiC will be there Wednesday if one of the monkeys saves me a spot in line.


24 Responses to “Attention LA: Original ‘Bastards’ at New Beverly Wednesday”

  1. Craig, I wanna go.

    I can come if you’ll buy me a plane ticket. We can sit together and flick popcorn at obnoxious patrons.

    Sound like a good time…?

  2. Only in L.A…

  3. Well, THAT’S what I meant.

    Danny, you should come too. Then there would be three of us. Or you could always bring some other people with you.

    Then we could really go to town…

  4. I’ll buy the popcorn and milk duds.

  5. Sounds good to me, Craig. You can wack people in the head with milk duds. They bounce off at a decent range.

    No matter. I’ll be down there one day.

    Come hell or high water…

  6. Miranda, you troublemaker you.

  7. I tried to watch Inglorious Bastards a couple of weeks ago. After 10 or 12 minutes of “huh?” I started to FFW to the good parts. Didn’t have much luck finding any. Entire viewing experience took a little over 20 minutes, and I wish I’d spent those 20 minutes watching Frasier or something. (And I can’t stand Kelsey Grammer.)

    I’m all for supporting local repertory cinema, but I’d drop off a donation at the door for this double feature and celebrate with Mr. Castellari at some other movie. Buy him a ticket to one that doesn’t look like outtakes from The A-Team.

    If the LiC monkeys are at the theater tonight, I expect they’ll be throwing something other than milk duds at the screen.

  8. Yeah, I heard someone refer to Tarantino’s version as a remake, but it so isn’t. Glad to know I can skip Castellari’s version, Ryan. Thanks for doing the hard work for us.

    I’m still utterly envious that venues like this are accessible to you guys, obnoxious mild-dud blitzkriegs and all.

  9. I mean, I hate to be harsh (…wait, do I?) but if someone is the mood for tawdry trash camp, the ’78 version could be fun as relic of… something. Going with a bunch of friends and heckling. That might be an excellent night out. But seriously, this movie is begging for MST3K treatment. I was ok with it at first, but then the Fred Williamson scenes started to make me squirm. I felt sorry for him and offended, and then those feelings spread to everybody else involved. (hmm, this was supposed to be me trying to be less harsh. How’m I doing? ;-) )

    I can handle the tacky B-movie memes filtered through Tarantino’s head and re-processed into something post-kitsch and somehow purified into another species of cinema. But in its raw state, no thanks. I’m happy to let Quentin digest the mulberry leaves and turn them into silk for us.

  10. “I can handle the tacky B-movie memes filtered through Tarantino’s head and re-processed into something post-kitsch and somehow purified into another species of cinema. But in its raw state, no thanks. I’m happy to let Quentin digest the mulberry leaves and turn them into silk for us.”

    Heh heh, well put, Ryan, well put.

  11. To each, his own.

  12. And sometimes instead of being transformed into a silk purse, it remains a sow’s ear.

  13. All the cool kids are carrying around sow’s ears. :)

  14. I carry one on each side of my head.

  15. yeah, but out-cooling everybody, only Tarantino himself gets to carry around the ear from Reservoir Dogs.

  16. Not sure it outcools Tarantino, but Kyle MacLachlan has the ear from Blue Velvet. With ants on it no less. He drinks Heineken though, so I think Quentin has the edge on him.

  17. I have Vincent Van Gogh’s ear. I think I outcool everybody.

  18. ha! you guys are too silly for me.

    Michelle has Barack Obama’s ear.
    (Does figuratively count?)

  19. “MIranda, you troublemaker you…”

    Craig, if you only knew…

    If I had a nicket for every time that sentence (or an approximation) had been uttered to me, I’d be living in a mansion with a couple of luxury cars.


    Men (& my mama) have OFTEN said similar things to me. (Something tells me that if jennybee hasn’t been down that road she at least has some appreciation for that particular attitude.)

    I can’t help it. I’m just a girl that likes to have a good time.

    Whatever form that may take…

  20. You may well have enjoyed yourself this evening. There were all manner of movie nerds to bounce milk duds off of.

  21. Well, my darling little crabcake…

    If you’re going to be an aficionado of something, I can’t think of anything better than film.

    I like some film nerds tremendously. Some…not so much.

    I calls em as I see em. But I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.

    Even though I wasn’t there…

  22. And I be in San Francisco. Couldn’t be more beautiful.

  23. Oh yeah, Christian? Most beautiful city there is. Of course I’m biased. What are you up to?

  24. I’m like Snake Plissken, escaping LA, visiting friends in the bay and family in Sacramento. I just set up a very cool film screening I’ll be doing at Craig Baldwin’s Other Cinema at the ATA in October, so I’ll keep you posted. Maybe we can have an espresso.

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