The once proud LA Times takes a breath in between Shia LaBeouf updates just long enough for Tom O’Neil to take a dump all over Melissa Leo, the actress currently seeing the first waves of Oscar buzz for her performance in Frozen River.

At issue for Tommy O is a Huffington Post interview with Thelma Adams where Leo volunteers an anecdote about some bumpy patches in the production. She establishes that writer/director Courtney Hunt had a clear vision for her film and that Leo trusted her, but that Hunt had never been on a film set before. At one point prior to a difficult scene where Leo’s character has just been shot in the ear, there was a miscommunication between the actor and the director and tempers flared. Leo got a producer to intervene.

Leo was a little rough on Hunt, but O’Neil blows it up into a “diva act.” In fact, Leo’s description didn’t sound like some kind of David O. Russell tirade. It sounded like a momentary glitch between an actress in a vulnerable position and a director with no experience running a set. According to Leo, everything was fine after the incident. Problem solved. Her point was that, although Hunt was inexperienced, she was a very quick learner.

Who pissed on Tommy’s Corn Flakes this morning and why does he want to sink Frozen River before it even hits theaters? The great thing for him is that, when he’s done flinging shit around, he can always use his own newspaper to wipe it up with. 

10 Responses to “Tom O’Neil’s Brown Derby”

  1. Oh, this is the usual for him. He pissed all over Sweeney Todd before the trailer was even out then it became the film he championed for every category at the Oscars.

    In a few months, this may be the one he’s touting as the inevitable winner.

  2. He’s just making news on a slow news day and I’m just making news out of him making news.

    I don’t know though. Did you read the interview? It sounded to me like she was a little bitchy, but hardly acting like a diva. Surely Tom has been on a film set before and talked to actors so he knows how vulnerable they can be when they’re working.

    Maybe it wasn’t wise for Leo to pass the story along, but there was a point to it about Hunt being a quick learner.

  3. I skimmed throught it. The fact is that she was being honest, and in any job people can get snippy. That’s what happens when people work together. Everyone has moods, good and bad days and all that, and we all say the wrong thing from time to time. It’s just that Joe Schmoe in an office doesn’t have his little tiffs ripped apart and exposed in the media. No one interviews him. :-)

    Just my take on these things.

  4. I agree. She was being honest, and ultimately helpful. Maybe Hunt needed it.

  5. Thanks to Tom for taking a small nugget of that interview and blowing it so far out of proportion it’s now the entire story. Wow, what an ass. If he had read the rest of the interview, he would have noticed the enormous praise she heaps on the director and her admitting to being stressed and hyper-aware because it was Leo’s first time CARRYING THE ENTIRE FILM.

    Thank god I don’t have to give public interviews about my day-to-day activities, interject anecdotes, have someone else edit it down and then someone else make dickish comments about me.

  6. Tom can be a pill more often than not; and it’s gotten increasingly worse.

    For instance, I don’t know if he authored it, but yesterday there was some faux outrage about an Academy showing of “Brokeback Mountain” which was announced as “The Academy ‘Can’t Quit’ Brokeback Mountain.” “Crap,” I mean “Crash” aside, that was enough to trigger one of the most amazing hissy fits I’ve ever read.

    But hey, at this point, I just read his blown-out-of-proportion rants with bemused detachment.

  7. What kills me is that he’s stinking up my local paper, which has problems enough by itself.

    I don’t think he actually appears in print though or if it’s just online…still, his junk clogs up my LA Times entertainment feed along with that carbunkle Elizabeth Snead.

  8. I had no idea what a carbunkle was so I looked it up and Urban Dictionary supplies: a big nasty festered pimple on ones ass.

    Wow, that pretty much says it all.

  9. I rest my case. Too bad I misspelled it… (carbuncle)

  10. I just remember when that ~ scandal ~ broke about Marion Cotillard shortly after her win, Tom wrote a blog about it, using a quote from her Oscar speech (“There really are angels in this city…”) to prove that “this is not the first time she has expressed an interest in the supernatural.” And on the Oscar message boards, after the “Marion Cotillard Backlash Thread” was closed due to sexist name-calling over the issue, he started a SECOND “Marion Cotillard Backlash Thread.” When I called him on his shit (I told him I thought he was above doing something like that) we got into it. That was really the beginning of the end of my participation over at the Goldderby message boards.

    The problem is, he really is a nice guy the majority of the time, so I can’t really talk bad about him. That was just one of those times when I felt he went too far with a story.

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