From YouTube via Cinematical, here’s a crappy, blurry, Spanish bootleg trailer of The Argentine, the first half of Steven Soderbergh’s Che. I normally hate these kinds of things, but it’s Soderbergh so here you go. I’m still not watching it, but don’t let that stop you.

Alas, as THR noted yesterday, the 4 hour epic still doesn’t have a US distributor.

21 Responses to “Crappy Bootleg ‘Che’ Trailer”

  1. It has me interested. Soderbergh doing epic.

  2. trust me the bootleg factor isn’t the reason i’m not watching this.(and you know i don’t care about spoilers…)

    takes a bow…. :)

  3. and pierre thanks for your defense in the a.d. land put i eventually set my broswer back to a.d.and i said something. ha ha…

    *thank you* :)

  4. I’m all over this one like nobody’s business, but I hope Soderbergh gets his wish with at least a limited release of both parts together in all their 4 hour glory.

    Glimmer I’m guessing…not so much.

  5. ‘Glimmer I’m guessing…not so much.’

    and that seems like the perfect opening for me to again mention the film jellyfish !!!!!!! :)

    *swoon* :)

  6. I’m choosing not to watch this, mainly because I feel like I’ve been so exposed to the film(s) already due to all of the Cannes coverage, much of which was negative (though it’s always initially pleasant to see Jeff Wells get worked up over something, until he becomes a Stalinist and goes after anyone who happens to disagree, and then invariably split the camps into the good people who are “with” him and those who aren’t “with” him). That the trailer is apparently in crappy condition only seals the deal.

  7. I’m curious as to what Soderbergh’s take on Che is–idealistic revolutionary or glorified terrorist? If it’s any good, it’ll probably fall somewhere in between.

  8. I’m definitely hoping for ‘in between’. If it’s just a cinematic version of a Che t-shirt, I will be sorely disappointed. Regardless of our politics, it’s a complex subject and should be treated as such.

  9. Soderbergh is not a hardliner. The trailer looks great.

  10. My God, this looks fantastic. Benny’s Argentine accent is right on point — scary even. I’m about to cry with excitement. And thank God Soderbergh shot this in Spanish; to do otherwise would have been apallingly stupid.

    I’ll say it: if the film sees the light of day this year, we have our 2009 Best Actor winner.

  11. This trailer is the most thrilling of the summer. I’ve been waiting all day for an “official version” to post, but even the trailer collection sites are featuring this one. Cool though. Somehow the bootleg quality works well with the guerrilla soldier subject.

    [what’s happening at AD glimmer?
    I can’t find what you’re talking about.]

  12. ryan….

    see post seven/XanderLJ

    i went a.d. less for a day or whatever and when i return…anyway i did a reply/but since i did it abit late/doubt the kid writing those words even saw it. ha ha…

    anyway ryan it’s over…

    it didn’t ‘explode like/noah’s arc on overload…’

    but i did rechime in…..

  13. are you guys trying to get me to watch it???

  14. All right, I gave in. Partly out of boredom, largely because when it comes to trailers, any Daniel/Craig (ha, Daniel Craig–see, I’m so bored I’m finding ways to amuse myself) type of willpower is absent on my part.

    Anyway. As someone on another board said, if that’s the trailer to a stultifyingly dull, boring movie, as it was described by a number of critics at Cannes, then they put the best trailer-cutter in the business on this assignment. After seeing the trailer, this is the first time I’m truly looking forward to a Soderbergh film since Solaris. Craig knows that as much as I loved his sex, lies and videotape-to-The Limey run (and yeah, those two Best Picture nominees in 2000 didn’t exactly kill any bunnies as Craig would say, and I found the first Ocean’s remake charming), I think he’s been in a pretty bad slump for a while, but, if the film engages on this epic quasi-documentary level that the admittedly action-oriented trailer does, this could (and should) be his return to form.

    Is anyone else getting a Reds vibe, and not just because it’s dealing with, um, reds?

  15. I’m going to continue skipping the trailer in an effort to be fresh for this one, but I’m still, STILL coasting on my love/admiration for Out of Sight and The Limey. I used to include Schizopolis in that equation but I’ve finally seen the film so many times that it has lost much of its funny ha-ha factor for me even though I still find Schizopolis somewhat brilliant in it’s dadaist execution.

  16. I too have grown weary of Schizopolis, though I admire it for what it is.

    As for the rest of the Soderbergh canon, I’ve itemized my likes and dislikes often enough so I’ll spare you all.

    Needless to say, I’m aching to watch this trailer still, but Soderbergh gets the Coen treatment as far as LiC blackouts go.

  17. Here’s a much better non-bootleg version of the trailer for you not to watch, Craig, with link to its Yahoo España source for you not to click on.

    Your willpower to resist such things never ceases to astonish me. It’s an attitude reminiscent of Sweet Land, and the era of ordering a bride to be delivered, sight unseen ;-)

  18. Thanks, man. And bonus points for the Sweet Land reference. Did you just watch that recently?

  19. I was one of the last people in East Blogistan to see Sweet Land, but finally caught up with it a few months ago.

  20. You’re actually ahead of the curve as far as I’m concerned. I don’t know anyone who saw it.

  21. Sweet Land was one of my favorites of ’06.

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