…you see nothing but muck all around you. In this case, Defamer takes a peek at the new trailer for Disney’s The Princess and the Frog and, instead of noting the hand drawn animation, they claim the firefly at the end is a racial stereotype straight out of “Song of the South 2: Cajun Vacation.”

Defamer commenters and The Vulture are quick to point out that, if anything, it’s a Poor White Cracker stereotype. Me? I see a green firefly. You be the judge:


10 Responses to “When you wallow in muck…”

  1. I see a black square.

    EDIT: Ah, there we go. Cool blue arrow/click-to-play thing.

  2. Yeah..takes a second to load up.

    I noticed today there were a couple of commenters at AD who were crying racism too.

    Am I just being insensitive?

  3. Haha, no, you’re not, Craig.

  4. I don’t know…is this any more offensive than Kung Fu Panda’s Americanized version of China and the martial arts?

    If someone wants to be offended, they will.

  5. Exactly.

  6. That is so funny. I saw it yesterday and would have never thought of that particular stereotype. But on second viewing, it does look like Cletus the Slackjawed Yokel (God bless him).

    Listen, I’m just so thrilled about this in a very cheesy way. As a woman of color, it is really something else to see these images.

  7. See, to me that makes it even more sad that Disney is being criticized. They’re trying to broaden their scope here and they get dinged by over-sensitive morons.

    If you’re excited DP, that’s good enough for me.

  8. You totally get it, Craig. But I wouldn’t expect less :)

  9. I like the Defamer comment: “Jar-Jar Firefly”

  10. You know, there’s really no way Disney can win here.

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