In the spirit of those awkward local news segues where they jump from a tragedy to a tacky local interest puff piece without batting an eyelash, this seems like a perfectly horrible time to point out a supremely crass (and excellent) fake website [UPDATE: Perhaps bowing to pressure from advocacy groups for the disabled, DreamWorks has killed Simple Jack.] for a movie starring Ben Stiller’s character from the upcoming action comedy Tropic Thunder.

Before you send in cards and letters chastising me for getting my kicks at the expense of the disabled, please understand I’m laughing at actors who play them in order to win Oscars. Or don’t. Anyway, since I try to ignore marketing for the most part, I’m probably the last one to stumble upon this one.

6 Responses to “Tugg Speedman is ‘Simple Jack’”

  1. Hmm. Some people call it a sling blade, but I call it a kaiser blade Uh-Hmm.

  2. Thanks for breaking the ice on this one Joel. I was beginning to feel like the dude alone on the elevator who farts just before the door opens and 3 supermodels get on.

    Now they’ll have to wonder which one of us it was.

  3. Who ever smelt it dealt it?

  4. This is actually just one of many viral marketing sites. They also have official sites for Tug Speedman, Kirk Lazarus, along with trailers to their various films.

  5. I’m totally out of the viral loop as always, but this one made me laugh out loud and it actually had its intended effect of getting me more jazzed to see the movie. I’ve been kind of luke warm up to this point.

  6. you m mm m make me happy

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