NY Mag’s Vulture notices that the viral Tropic Thunder website for Simple Jack has disappeared. They suggest that concern from disabled rights advocacy groups may have convinced DreamWorks to take the site down.

I still think the website was mocking Hollywood, but as Vulture notes, the movie’s tagline “Once upon a time…there was a retard” crosses a definite line. We live in sensitive times. Perhaps it’s for the better.

11 Responses to “DreamWorks Kills ‘Simple Jack’”

  1. This is even stupider than the concept for a SIMPLE JACK movie.
    It’s satire folks. Not abuse. Jeebus.

  2. Is it insensitive to say that this whole issue is retarded, even if I’m trying to be sarcastic?

  3. A little TOO sensitive, I think.

  4. I tend to agree, but then I’m not going to be the guy to tell the parents with a disabled child that they’re overreacting.

    I will be sad if I can no longer call people ‘window lickers’ as an insult though.

  5. The thing is that Stiller is not making fun of disabled people. He’s making fun of Hollywood’s need to simplify such issues.

  6. It’s making fun of Radio and I Am Sam and even Forrest Gump

  7. Which all should have been attacked by disabled activists…

  8. Killing ‘Simple Jack’ is so gay.

  9. See? Where do you draw the line?

  10. I hate to draw lines. I’m all about blurring the line.

    (Before noon, blurring is my only option.)

  11. My life is full of lines and I’m always tripping over them and I can never remember which side I’m on.

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