The Inglorious Bastards

The occasionally snobby (in a good way) Dave Kehr takes a surprisingly sober stab at Enzo G. Castellari’s The Inglorious Bastards recently come to 3-disc DVD set.

“A product of that brief, heady period when Italian genre movies challenged Hollywood for dominance of the Western world’s drive-ins and grindhouses, “The Inglorious Bastards” is a slapdash but appealing riff on the themes established by Robert Aldrich’s consummately cynical film The Dirty Dozen in 1967.”

That’s pretty heady company and though the inspiration is clear, Kehr is quick to point out that Bastards is no Dozen. It’s not at all serious minded for one thing.

Nevertheless, Kehr finds the whole thing entertaining and even sees a political angle in the soldier’s behavior. “Their anti-authoritarianism is both a reflection of postwar Italy’s healthy disenchantment with Fascism and a romanticized version of the left-wing militancy being espoused then by students.”

Yeah, that might be pushing it a bit, but who am I to argue with Dave Kehr?

Read a little about The Inglorious Bastards at LA’s New Beverly Cinema here.

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  1. Short and sweet interview with Castellari at today too. Excerpt:

    MM: Quentin Tarantino is obviously a huge fan of yours. He’s featured very prominently on the Inglorious Bastards DVD extras and has announced plans to remake the film. What are your feelings regarding the remake? Would you have any input in Tarantino’s re-imagining?

    EC: His idea to make a remake of my movie is my lifetime achievement award! Just to think that a young genius director like Tarantino picks, from millions of movies, my own movie to make a remake? For me it’s my Academy Award! From our last meeting, Tarantino will start filming in Europe around the month of September. During the remake, I will have a little part and I will stay on the set, near Quentin all the time I want.

    I like that Dave Kehr enjoyed the topless machine-gunner babes as much as we did. My kind of snobby.

  2. Who doesn’t like topless machine gunning? Enzo is a kick. He was so jazzed that people turned up for his movie.

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