Benicio Del Toro in Che

Hey there LA area LiC readers. How’d you like to see the sold out Gala presentation of Steven Soderbergh’s Che at the historic Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood at 6pm on Saturday, November 1, 2008?

I’ll make it easy on you. Send an email with “Che Ticket” in the subject line to: by 12pm local time, Friday, October 31, 2008. Soon thereafter one of the monkeys will pick a name at random and contact you with the good news. You’ll win one (1) ticket to see the movie plus a voucher redeemable at the AFI box office for one (1) AFI screening of your choice (not including Opening Night Gala, Closing Night Gala, Tribute or Centerpiece screenings).

This is a no strings attached contest. I won’t be harvesting email addresses or otherwise harassing anyone who enters. This is also a low frills contest, so please don’t enter unless you’re in the LA area and capable of meeting me in advance to pick up your ticket and have the means to get yourself to the theater.

Check out the AFI page for the film.

Good luck!

23 Responses to “Win a Ticket to See ‘Che’ at AFI Fest on 11/1”

  1. I’d submit myself for it, but I have a birthday party to go to that night. So I hope whoever wins has a good time.

  2. A birthday party? What are you, 12?

    (I keeeed)

  3. By the way, Craig, has John Wildman sent you back an e-mail on hard-ticket requests? I haven’t gotten anything back yet, which makes me wonder…

  4. I haven’t heard bubkes. For Che I assumed I wouldn’t so I went ahead and bought tickets when they went on sale. I didn’t want to take any chances.

    Ditto for a few of the other special screenings, though I snoozed on Wendy & Lucy and the only showing I can make is sold out.

  5. Craig, remind me never to invite you over for a play-date.

  6. Lol, Jeff. (That is, lol as long as we’re playing on pre-teen grounds here.)

    Hmmm Craig, I dunno if I should go ahead and do the same on the purchases. Most of the non-galas I want to see that are subject to requests (TOKYO!, TWO LOVERS, SUGAR, ADAM RESURRECTED) are screening during the day, so I really don’t think they’ll be much of a problem to get tickets for during the fest (except for TOKYO!, which is already sold out at its first show…) In fact, AFI even sent me two daytime vouchers because I’m a member…

    But argh, DEFIANCE and LAST CHANCE HARVEY are tougheys because they aren’t sold out yet and I probably won’t get in. But at the same time I don’t wanna shell out $50 and then find out I didn’t have to. CHE I’m gonna play the odds on; part of me wants to miss it and see somethin’ else because I’ve got a feeling that 5 hours will be a lot more digestible on VOD… Hmph.

    Were you accredited last year and, if so, when did they respond then? I just paid for all my movies, which was a lot easier even though it was more expensive….

  7. Yeah you guys go and have fun with your “movies” and “premieres” and “red carpets”. What kind of fun would that be, anyway?

  8. This is my first year of accreditation at AFI. Last year I just bought a pass.

    The only biggie I’m going to see is Che because I’ve been dying to see it though it will kill that entire day.

    I went ahead and bought a ticket for Sugar and Adam Resurrected. The time slots for Wendy and Lucy and Tokyo! that I wanted to see were sold out already.

    Hahah Daniel. You make it sound so glam.

  9. Well, sounds like we’re in the same boat. I guess we shall see… The chaos starts Friday… I tinkered with the idea of going to the GOMORRAH press screening, but I think I’ll hit up the actual fest instead… probably with THE CHASER because I can see ZACK & MIRI over at the Vista beforehand and then just ride the Metro up…

    And yeah, CHE will indeed kill the whole night. Then again, even if I do see it, that’s still 21 total in-fest + 5 pre-fest. Not too shabby. Should be fun.

  10. I was only able to knock off 3 pre-fest, but that’s ok. We’ll see how many I can squeeze in starting Friday.

    I started to burn out halfway through LAFF but then kind of got a second wind. I haven’t decided yet whether to go crazy this year or take it easy.

    One good thing about AFI is that it’s condensed into the Arclight so it’s a little easier getting from one screening to the next than LAFF.

  11. Yeah, agreed on the theatre-condensation aspect of the thing; AFI is always better than LAFF in that regard. Still, though, I wish ArcLight had free parking like the Landmark. (Then again, the Westwood venues can be expensive to park at too.) The $6 ArcLight maximum last year was fine by me, but now that it’s $10 for those of us staying 6+ hours (and supposedly “$20 evening maximum,” although I have yet to see that rate posted in the actual garage), it adds up… Subway here I come…

    Because I was going to school in San Diego, I was only able to go to Friday-Monday of Week 1 and Friday-Sunday of Week 2 of last year’s AFI. I saw 19 movies and never tired, but the product was also sooo good… I hope this year is equally as captivating…

  12. That all being said, I’m taking a bit of a hit in quantity-terms because I’m skipping Tuesday in favor of watching the election… If it’s decided early (rather unlikely), I might be able to hit the late set and add one to my list…

  13. I’m not sure which is more awesome: the ticket itself or the chance to meet Craig Kennedy in person. Regardless, I will be enjoying neither, as I live a good billion miles from LA.

    Kudos on the sweet giveaway however, Craig. Will you also be wining and dining the lucky winner? :)

  14. Hah…If dinner was a part of the package, I would’ve picked a film more likely to draw female entrants.

  15. I can tell you that the chance to meet Craig Kennedy in person is worthy of a contest in its own right. And in fact I was “dined” by him without winning anything! He’s a gentleman and a saint, to be sure.

    Yeah, the ladies might not be jumping at the chance to see Del Toro grungified to play Castro…

  16. I have no doubt you’ll return the favor if I’m ever in the Twin Cities.

  17. But of course, though the window for such an opportunity is closing by the day since an unofficial travel advisory to MN for the months of Nov-Feb will soon take effect.

  18. On account of the glacier coming down from Canada?

  19. Uh, no fair dissing Canada, dear…

  20. I believe Craig only meant to say that glacial bodies in Canada are inferior to those in America because they exist.

  21. Also, just to let ya know Craig,

    Wildman says: “I’m working on them. Will have info for you soon…”

    So hopefully we’re not outta luck on some of the shows.

  22. With the 90 degree days we’ve been having in the Valley in October Miranda, being glacial is a good thing in my book.

    Thanks for that heads up Danny.

  23. Got approved for CHE tomorrow, but didn’t get an e-mail on TOKYO. I didn’t realize I had to ask for approval on “Special Screenings” ’til after I had sent Wildman my initial request, so I hope he got the second one. Still, I’ll just bite the bullet and stop pestering him for the weekend… and I’ll check in later.

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