The abbreviated Weekend Forecast is rolling out a little early this week because all the new releases are hitting on Wednesday. That’s tomorrow for those of you keeping score at home.

Opening in wide release:

  • Australia. Baz Luhrman’s epic adventure romance takes place on the eve of World War II as English aristocrat Nicole Kidman travels Down Under for some inherited land. There she joins up with rugged cattle driver Hugh Jackman (or “Huge Ackman” if you prefer…or even if you don’t) who helps her protect the ranch from greedy cattle barons. Here there be dingoes.
  • Four Christmases. I love Vince Vaughn and I love Reese Witherspoon, but the more I see of this thing, the worse it looks. I don’t know. Someone try and talk me down.
  • Transporter 3. Yeah, didn’t see 1 or 2.

Opening in limited release:

  • Milk. Hey everybody, it’s the LiC Pick of the Week. Sean Penn is Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man elected to major public office in the United States. Great performances by Penn, Josh Brolin as city supervisor Dan White, Emile Hirsch as gay activist Cleve Jones and James Franco as Milk’s lover Scott Smith. Got Oscars?

96 Responses to “Weekend Forecast: 11/25/08”

  1. nice try sam you know i made a typing mistake (i know you go the grammer/spelling type route because you really have nothing

    it should have read

    “and again yes as long as stuff is constantly put to the top I have no interest in .”

    and as you can see i made a bunch of spelling/gammer errors. guess i do that more when annoyed. i’m not gulity as charged by you. nice try. but no…

    same my view on wall-e or whatever is right because it’s right to me. or do i not have have that option. guess not thanks same.

    and you know what when i mentioned not wanting to see wall-e or not liking milk. i didn’t make any personal attacks ala hey you blah blah…so why should i like them. oh because evryone thinks that ‘pixar crap’ is great. ok…. ;)

    and sam please show me where i called anyone dumb for liking pixar. hmm do it ?????

    and sam no matter how is idsargreed show how i went into persoanl attack mode toward someone because of a disagreemnt over a film (aside from with you and you sir started this. got it. )

    ok land sam why didn’t you take the $100 bet ??? thanks love your silence on that kid. ha ha…

    and sam i’ve never insulted anyone for liking wall-e. i have insulted pixar thing. or their film/types of films yep. and i think there’s a difference. but maybe you don’t notice that. who knows with you….

    and sam only you have said i’m here at lic/or cin passions just to be difficult etc or whatever it was you said. only you hacve said it. and i think only you view me that way. but whatever….

    and no same as i said see further proof you never pay attention or want to attepmt to distort things to make me look bad.

    didn’t i just a few post ago said i’m trying to avoid things i pretty sure i won’t like ala wall-e/dark knight.

    “So you are admitting here that anything that is widely-praised has no interest for you?”

    wrong sam. you’re so wrong it’s beyond sad. if i had no interest in things are widely praised i wouldn’t have seen milk or tell no one or whatever. and yep sam i’m not a fan of either of those. but did i go see them ??? yes. i did put them on my radar because how enthued people were/are. you’re proven wrong again sam. well you usually proven wrong. so there you go.

    i gave those films a i guess i’m supposed to like them because evryone else did. whatever.i gave those films a fair chance and didn’t like them.maybe according to sam’s rule no one is allowed to not like milk or whatever. ok go sam….arrrgh. and that was classic sam. ha ha… ;)

    nope you’re a liar because you say stuff i haven’t said. e.g where did i say i hated milk ???. show me that ok.

    yes i have given praise to films i like here. but you say i haven’t (or you say things you know aren’t true)so yep you’re the liar !!!! la la la….

    so sam question how much of your students creativity do you crush ??? it’s not the right direction to you ?????

  2. And to those lamentable LIC readers who have stayed on with this thread (I apologize to all for my own dcomplicity here) I ask all of you to go back to Comment #30 on this thread where Glimmer says flat out the following:

    “milk had better not get a best pic nom…it’s not that good…really it’s not….which explains why it may get a best nod…arrrrrgh.”

    That is hardly a commendation now, isn’t it? And note teh smug cynicism, condemning virtually every single film that happens to win a Best Picture nod at the Oscars. Sure, last year THERE WILL BE BLOOD, NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, ATONEMENT, all BAD movies, or movies that glimmer would say in his inimitable fashion………..’not that good.’

    I ask you again, glimmer WHAT DO YOU BRING TO THE TABLE, that we can’t get from any person off the street?

  3. Why do you continually obsess in your unfocused writing that “I am proven wrong” over and over.

    This is not about being proven wrong, it’s about getting the facts straight.

    Did you NOT use the expression “That Pixar Crap” in Submission #36 above? What did you mean by that statement? Was that your way of PRAISING WALL-E???


    And YOU started this entire row with your ignorant and unexplained “dismissal” of MILK, which was an insult to anyone who takes film seriously. You could like BILL AND TED’S GREAT ADVENTURE for all I care, but unless you are willing to back up your opinions, I will take issue with those kind of comments.

  4. sam milk is conventional as in it told in a conventional way. and as i’ve said i’m not a fan of the bio pic think anyway.but i realize this doesn’t count as reason to you. so whatever….as ive told you 80 times. i’m not a fan of bio pic think.and a bio pic thing told in a conventional way didn’t help this go over with me.

    and sam i nevr said i agreed with the masses. you sir said i never say anything good about stuff i like or remain silent on them. remember. well i’m helping you remember right now. hey look at that liar or that kid so filled with whatever he’ll say anything in an attempt to make me look bad. even if it has no grounds in reality. nice try sam. ha ha ha…can i laugh at you some more. thanks….

    sam i’m more concened that you wish to crucify me over not drooling over wall-e or whatever film evryone deems ok.

    why don’t i just myself. i’m sure harvey milk would have approved. and i’m sure he would would approve even knowing i didn’t like the milk movie. :)

    and yes sam i haven’t taken a cinema class/i haven’t done a pro review/i can’t spell ect.

    and you know/so wait. if all hyper brainy kids/critics love this movie let them have it.i’m not as impressed.

    and your wait everybody listen to glimmer thing is insane and sort of funny.

    have i actually ever changed anyone mind ??? nope.does anyone here take me as seriously as whomever. no.

    but they respect that maybe i have no interest in wall-e . you act like it’s almost impossible to believe someone can’t like it.whatever….

    sam you can crucify me every damn day for not giving a damn about wall-e. you can tell me about all the smart people that like it and i don’t care.

    i have no interest in it. ok..and maybe on occassion i’ll whine about it here or roll my eys at pixar market share ok….

    feel free to attack me every danm time.because i really doubt i’m changing. and i’ll especially not change for you.

  5. Glimmer, you can dislike WALL-E, all you want.

    LIC’s rightly celebrated Alexander Coleman didn’t like it either, but he explained at length his reasons, both in a review and in several leghthy threads here at Craig’s site. You make no such claim to scholarly discourse, nor do you say anything beyond what I see as an “arbitrary slur.” I don’t agree with Alexander (In fact WALL-E may well be my #1 film of the year) but I fully respect his elaborated position.

    This last submission by you here is loaded with the exclamatory posturings of a teenager. I am not attacking YOU or trying to show YOU up, I am taking issue with something you said on these threads. When you make such submissions, the way I see it you are fair game.

    I am not asking you to “change.” I am simply asking you to be more responsible in what you say here. Likewise, when I am out of line, I’ll expect to hear it.

    And so nice of you to feign a winner to this imagined “battle.” Nothing like one of the participants playing referee too, eh?

  6. Oh, and if you want to increase your respectability levels, you won’t make general admissions like “you are adverse to any kind of bio-pics.” It’s your right and your taste, but it’s not encouraging in an artsitic and “all-embracing” sense. At the very least it should not prejudice any kind of a meaningful artistic assessment.

  7. sam is this to advanced for you using the phrase pixar crap was not a personal attack. unless someone wants it to be and maybe that someone is you. ha ha ha….

    and yep sam i didn’t like no country.and i’ll take my hits for not caring about that film or wall-e. come sam. go…..attack that’s what you want to do with me/to me/do it !!!!

    but agree with you i’m not. and you know that.ha ha ha….

    and sam a better question is what can *you* bring to table that every ‘indie’ fan on the net can’t/ ??. probably nothing since you’re in agreement with them over everything. thanks….

    sam i think you’ve had some ‘problems’ with me or my being here for awhile and i’m soooo glad you’ve outed yourself. how does it feel ??????????

    “milk had better not get a best pic nom…it’s not that good…really it’s not….which explains why it may get a best nod…arrrrrgh.”

    yep i did say that. but was that a personal attack on someone ??? nope. thanks for proving a point for me.and with my own words too. good boy sam… :)

    and sam i’m sorry i can’t be in sync more with the blog nation and especially you on films.

    but as harvey milk said. ‘never blend in’

    now why don’t you crush some hope out any student that has different views from you.

    harvey milk said you’ve got to give’em hope.because lord knows the sams are here to try to crush/ridicule/embarrass anyone with differentt view.

    sam i can run into people like you in the street and on the net. hey sam….

    ‘the crowds in the street hate everything different/they’re predicting you/it won’t make a difference ”

    but sam i’m here for another round. and you’re not even close to blowing me away. go….

  8. No glimmer, I said some wonderful things about you when you visited my site. The truth is I am generally a loving and affectionate person. If you travelled over here I would let you live with my family for as long as you want. And I’d take you everywhere. I have nothing against you as a person at all, in fact I rather like you. You are irresistible. But sometimes you are exasperating.

    I love your style too, always playing goaltender, and asking to be “struck.”

    You say I agree with everyone else, so that makes me (artsitically) a copy-cat with a faulty world-view, right? I bring to the table 38 years of fanatical movieviewing (since 1971) where I see several hundred films a year theatrically. Whether or not that makes me “right” or “wrong” remains in debate, but it certainly bolsters my case in certain ways.

    You can continue to rail against every film that comes out, but unless you are willing to engage in worthwhile discourse (apart from genre prejudices) you won’t get the respect you would no doubt like to have.

    To repeat: I like you as a person, and would love one day to meet up with you and go to a movie. I’ll treat you to the time of your life, or I’ll do my best to.

  9. Now perhaps both of us can petition Craig for royalties for our multiple submissions at his site today.

    Geez, he won’t even answer movie-related e mails, he must be under the sun enjoying his well-earned break.

  10. *Gets popcorn, puts feet up and watches.*

  11. LOL Alison!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Indeed!

  12. sam. i admitted i didn’t watch wall-e. how can be more fair than that. i can’t give you reasons/ whatever list.because i’m not gonna see it. fair or not. i not gonna see it.

    there are people that don’t wan’t to watch the W. pic on principle or whatever go tell them they’re wrong for not watching it. you can’t ok.

    sam i understand the fair game bit. but i feel you crossed the line making it into a personal attack. and i’ve i also crossed that line. you did it first. so take the la la…

    my respectability levels are fine. and if i never impress you i don’t care.

    “I am not asking you to “change.” I am simply asking you to be more responsible in what you say here. Likewise, when I am out of line, I’ll expect to hear it.”

    my milk comment was fair (even if i didn’t go into why) because i made no attack on a member of lic. got it.if it didn’t get your approval. too bad.

    “Oh, and if you want to increase your respectability levels, you won’t make general admissions like “you are adverse to any kinf of bio-pics.” It’s your right and your taste, but it’s not encouraging in an artsitic and “all-embracing” sense. At the very least it should not prejudice any kind of a meaningful artistic assessment.”

    sam no you understand. i’m not trying crush others feelings. but i’m not a all-embracing movie fan.

    i think there are toooooo many all embracing types.i like what i like and if that but in some sort of specilized weirdo whatever. i’m true to myself and everyone here since i’ve never claimed to be ‘all embarcing. no sam you can be all embracing. i’ll stick with being me.

    and on my admisson of not being fond of bio pics. well it’s true.

    but i wonder if what i feel and has other reviews have mentioned the story being told in comventional manner help kill the film for me. well maybe it did.

    last year when the bob dylan movie came out. well i pretty much knew/know nothing of dylan. but the slight bit of experimnation going in the film get me interested/and hyper interested in someone i knew nothing about.

    now ok sad or whatever i knew nothing of harvey milk and i i read there’s gonna be a film called milk.

    and the milk film/ film based on milk seems so much more appealing than one on dylan. i think my social/sexual /social misfit radar was in the red just thinking about it..

    but the milk film worked nowhere near as well for me. maybe it was how the story was told.because harvey milk is someone i’d feel compelled to root for alots more than bob dylan.

    but which movie did i love??? and that’s why my mentioning my dislike of conventional bio pics a wrong preduice or not. was the something to admit.

    nope sam my slant is less all embracing and more this geek babbling. put i wouldn’t trade for anything.

    i’m never gonna blend in. i’m gonna follow my heart to the death for another round !!!!!!!!! :)

    i can’t ven get to the level of repping the geeks in it’s just me. sorry evryone. but whatever…..

    it’s this geek in movie solo in 2009. if pixar and super hero movies have to fall. maybe they should.

    because when they fall.maybe that’s when i raise.

  13. Glimmer, I am NOT a fan of superhero movies or even of animation per se.

    I favor foreign-language cinema and American independents heavily, as my year-end list will confirm.

    As I said in a prior post, I have no issue of one disliking a film. I dislike more than 65% of them annually………but I think you’ll agree that to say you don’t like a film without having seen it (WALL-E) well, that is completely unacceptable by any barometer of measurement.

    I don’t think there is a single reader here at LIC that will support such a habit. To have an opinion on a film, you need to see it first. I will see any kind of film, without bias and then make a judgement.

    As I stated in prior e mails, I am NOT attacking you and I really do like you as a person. Honestly. Just engaging you for over two hours here solidifies this.

  14. If WALL-E makes my #1 position, or even the Top Five of 2008, it will be the first time since 1991 that an animated film will make my Top Ten list. That’s 17 years! Of course BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is that 1991 film I am referring to.

    Bottom line: I rarely take animation seriously, but this year with WALL-E, that position will be severely altered. Take it for what it’s worth, glimmer.

  15. You know, the holidays tend to make me cranky too, but I give thanks for this wonderful thread (although I admit I began skimming it around #45) because you both remind me that no matter what else, there’s always another opinion to be heard.

    Sometimes repeatedly.

    As for Milk, I have not seen it but it received no less than three reviews over at The House Next Door, all three dismissing it with varying degrees of contempt. Now I don’t consider THND to be the critical bastion it once was, but clearly the Criticeratti Blogosphere aren’t 100% on board with it. It really doesn’t matter. Had it not been THND, it would have been Rex Reed. I’m just saying.

    Regardless, I respect both of your opinions. Jellyfish is high on my list for the year and I loved Wall-E, so we all have something in common.

    CHEERS!!! You both need a drink. Or two.

  16. God help me.

    But I think I’m ready to take this on…

    glim has, for the record, been passionate and enthusiastic about many films over at CINEMATIC PASSIONS. I’m stating that for the record since I don’t expect anyone here (even people that read CP on a regular basis) to be aware of that.

    Another thing…

    I don’t merely tolerate glim. Even though he is one of my regular posters at my site. He e-mails me a lot of interesting film related information. glim is exceptionally kind and generous with his time. He has a very warm heart. He’s decent and helpful.

    When I come to LiC, I play nice. But over at CINEMATIC PASSIONS it’s a whole different ball game.

    Not everyone that’s posted at CP is a friend of mine. I take all of that on a case by case basis.

    As a matter of fact, there are two people that post at LiC regularly that are PERMANENTLY banned at CP. They both know the reasons why – and so does Craig. There are various people that are close to me that are privy to some of these details as well.

    So it’s not like it’s one big happy family here. There are people at LiC that I greatly enjoy and respect. But it’s not like that is ever going to extend to the 100% mark.

    But I don’t have to leave the welcome mat out for people that have either attempted to disrespect me or hurt me or other people that I care for.

    I’m NOT changing my mind about it either.

    If I’m good to glim, it’s simply NOT because he is a regular commenter at CP.

    Everybody is free to come over and read CP any time they like.

    But posting at a site is a privilege. Not a right.

  17. I don’t want to imply Milk is bad, just that THND gave it 3 for 3 negative reviews, which surprised me until I remembered they hate everything now.

  18. To Miranda and Joel:

    I did think I made it clear in the final posts that I like glim and see all his good points too. The disagreements we had centered around his passing judgement on a film he didn’t see (WALL-E) and his quick dismissal of MILK, which he later said fell into the category of the kind of film he didn’t see.

    Joel: As far as critics go, MILK received one of the best critical concensuses of any film that has released this year. Literally every film, even the very best of them, receives at least a few bad notices.

    Miranda, I genuinely respect that glimmer is a good friend of yours, and it is not my intent to compromise that–I was simply responding to his (at that time) boast that he is fully embraced by the proprietors of other sites. I didn’t mention you by name, as you know, and made a generalization. I tried to be very careful not to set up a situation where you or anyone else would join in this fray……..very careful.

    And hey guys, I thought that by mutually crafting about 25 posts between us on a dreary and quiet Thanksgiving blogosphere, we were enhancing the stock of LIC???? Isn’t that supposed to be the name of the game here?

    LOL!!!! I think glimmer and I buried the hacket mid-afternoon yesterday. This wasn’t a battle to the death. It was a film disagreement,………..Geez!!!

  19. And as far as Glimmer being “kind, warm-hearted and helpful” I basically have said as much over and over here. He’s a good guy for sure and he has effervescent charm.

    This is irrefutable. Our argument centered around “film.” Nothing more.

  20. Sam, you are a very lovely man. You are exceptionally kind and you have been very generous and decent to all of us.

    I’m actually fond of almost everyone that comes to LiC. I have VERY specific reasons concerning my passionate disdain of a couple of personalities here. Frankly, if other people (outside of my circle) knew the actual reasons why NO ONE ELSE would like them either.

    Too bad. F them…

    The point that I was making, Sam, is that glim is just being himself. He’s ALWAYS been that way.

    I adore him and he comes over to CP AND HE SAYS THE SAME THINGS. I agree with a lot of what he says. There are also some things that we part company on.

    It doesn’t matter to me. He adds a lot to my site and I greatly enjoy his unique take on entertainment. I find him utterly delightful.

    It’s just that getting upset over glim’s whimsical remarks is like being choked over the sky being blue. It’s like being unhappy that California is on the west coast. It’s like railing against centrifugal force.

    There’s no changing it. glim’s just glim. And the world keeps right on turning…

    Anyway, it’s December now officially. The holidays will soon be upon us.

    Time to let love into your precious little hearts and revel in the spirit of the season.

    Just thinking of those presents (well, two sets for me with birthday) gets me going…

  21. Well Miranda, that was a lovely submission, and I am deeply moved by it. Thank You for it.

    And about glimmer? Well, I feel bonded to him now, as both of us spent almost three hours together on these otherwise dorment threads. While Craig Kennedy was basking in the rural glories of nature in the Seattle area, glim and I were “holding the fort” here in southern California. I won’t easily forget the time I spent here, and that this was a forum between he and I. The fact that you engaged me so long glimmer is an honor, and I hereby call on you now to put aside any lingering doubts about me, and in the spirit of the holiday season that Miranda graciously alludes to, I ask you to accept my apology for anything I said thay may have been insulting.

    I admit I get wound up over movies and I have had my share of domestic battles among friends for three decades, but at the end of the day we always end up smiling.

    In the spirit of your pen name, I hold out a Holiday peace branch to you, and ask you to forgive my transgressions, initiated when I took exception to your opinion of MILK.

    Your friendship is worth a million times more than any stupid movie.

  22. Yes, Sam, my sarcastic point was that the HND reviewers all pointed out in varying degrees that the film is much more mainstream than Van Sant’s previous films and a very straight-forward biopic that is more formula in its storytelling than any of them would have preferred.

    I have not seen it (nor have I read their criticisms in depth) but this general critique seems to support, or at least partially vindicate, glimmer’s general irritation with Milk.

    I’m still planning to see it.

  23. Well Joel, I can’t say they are entirely wrong, as I would say this is Van Sant’s most mainstream movie aside from GOOD WILL HUNTING and FINDING FORESTER.

    I can’t be certain but I suspect you will probably like this film quite a bit with some minor reservations.

  24. sam if it ever shows. and i think it will. i have a massive post i wrote a few hours ago. really it ‘s in a ‘blow it up like noah’s arc on overload’ type nature. you’ve been warned. but i guess i’m sort of proud of it.

    someone has to the wave the flag for the losers/and this losers/specially. :)

    and thanks for your too kind words m./joel/nick and jeff !!!! *thank you*


  25. thank you joel

    looking at the hnd review well the first i seem/read

    and the reveiwer mentions one the scenes that i felt didn’t work in the movie. but i felt worked better in the earlier draft of screenplay made work so well.and i felt didn’t work near as well on the screen/the current version. yep the bit with person in the wheelchair. i felt that way too.

    but didn’t want to mention a couple of examples because i know most here saw no spoilers and many here haven’t seen the film..but since this bigger refs it and joel mentions the reviews on that site and i point you to this reveiw. right ?? ah…

    but again the draft revision three from july last year or whatever of the milk film was soooo much better than the version of the script up on the focus site. that reversion pretty much close to what makes the screen from my scanning /glancing of it.

    older can be better give me the movie that the earlier draft painted.and i’d be putting milk in the good column. give me the current version and all is an say it’s ok.

    thanks for the hnd refs joel. didn’t know of this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    sorry sam.

  26. a reviewer agreeing with me. it’s the end of the world. let the geeky one’ve got to give the losers hope !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  27. No need to apologize glimmer, I know there are more than a few that haven’t embraced it. That’s fair enough, it’s not everybody’s cup of tea.

    It will be interesting to see where it stands in afew weeks when the year-end lists start to appear. As far as the Oscars, it’s iffy, but I suspect some will want to make up for the BROKEBACK slight, but giving a ‘safer’ gay-themed film some nominations and/or awards.

  28. sam as someone sorry i’m forgetting said on the a.d. front page it will be weird if both milk and the dark knight make the final five for the best pic thing.

    really weird since the last time it was heath ledger (r.i.p.) in brokeback in the role/movie the masses/’the guys’ didn’t want to succeed win because of the gay slant.

    this time the masses/the guys will very likely be rooting for heath instead of milk. ha ha…. oh the irony.

    i was almost beaten up because way whenever when it became know heath would be the joker/because i said that he should be given a fair chance and not just instantly written off….and why were some proud member of the ‘the guys’ writing him off.

    oh because he was in brokeback.

    not because he was bad actor. but because he was in brokeback and they couldn’t stand the idea of that ‘brokeback guy’ playinmg the joker. or being in a movie they wanted to see. or they beliefed he couldn’t do a good job on this film because he was in brokeback.

    or whatever lame line they were following.

    and i’m pretty damn tired of movies catering more to people with those views/than to me….

    i’m tired of oscar bait films too. hell at least ‘choke’ had anal beads !!!!!! :)

  29. Oh man, I wish I’d come to this thread first. I have to run, but I’ll weigh in later for sure.

  30. glim, Sam and joel:

    After I finish posting at some sites I have to knuckle down and put together my MILK review.

    I’m not saying that glim doesn’t have a few valid points. But, at this juncture, I’m somewhere between glim and Sam in terms of POV.

    I always try to be a hardliner. So (unless I’m actually enraptured or blown away) I tend to lowball ratings and hold everything to a very strict standard.

    I didn’t think MILK was extraordinary. To me it was NOT a classic. So it would never be getting five stars from me in any case.

    I’m going to give it three stars today. But I may upgrade that to four when I see it again in the future.

    MILK is (to my mind) an extremely moving film with incredible performances. It tells the story of a man who was a great hero and whose impact is still felt today. I realize that MILK will automatically be categorized as an “important OSCAR” film. In this case, however, that’s not a bad thing.

    MILK is anything but pretentious. Sam is dead on when he states that it’s a fairly mainstream effort from GUS VAN SANT. (glim has said as much as well.)

    But I think that, given the subject matter, Focus would’ve preferred that the film be more accessible and be able to guarantee a wider audience.

    It’s the kind of movie that I wish fervently that EVERYONE would see. Sounds like a cliche. But, despite the fact that I look like a prom queen, I’ve always known that I would never be conventional. It just doesn’t interest me. So I have always championed the causes of people who are different.

    Being a straight girl in her twenties, there were things that happened in MILK that I was completely unaware of – like Harvey and Scott initially being harassed in the Castro neighbourhood in SF during the early 70s. I had naively thought that SF had almost always been a tolerant place. NOT SO.

    Harvey (GOD BLESS HIM) had a lot to do with all of that changing.

    I do TOTALLY agree with glim that there were things in the new version of the screenplay that didn’t really wok. The thing with the boy in the wheelchair was very touching. But I don’t know how realistic both of those phone calls were (to be completely honest rather than callous) and the fact that Harvey isn’t going to live to 50 is hammered home CONSTANTLY. At least three times. Would’ve been far more poignant if it had been mentioned casually ONCE and then people could have decided how they felt for themselves.

    MAKE NO MISTAKE. If SEAN PENN hadn’t won for MYSTIC RIVER, he’d be winning for this. It’s POSSIBLE that he still could.

    I was thinking what glim was thinking. All ready. To make up for BROKEBACK, the Academy may just give OSCARS to Sean and Heath. Obviously I haven’t seen all of the big contenders yet.

    But those are two FANTASTIC performances that definitely deserve recognition.

    My screening of MILK last Friday night (its second week in release) was sold out. My ex and I grabbed the last two tickets. Just like we did for INDY IV at the same place last summer. It was the luck of the draw, I guess.

    Thunderous applause afterwards.

    It’s a wonderful film. I know glim has serious reservations.

    But most people are going to love it. Big time…

  31. Sam: I would have had your back on this. While I don’t believe glimmer and I have ever directly sparred (at least not for a while), I do find his persistant contrary attitude tiresome and unimpressive. My problems with him are identical to yours and you’ve fully expressed the annoyance I feel whenever he pathetically tries to rain on anybody’s parade.

    Miranda: Thank you both for your review (which I agreed with in spirit but might disagree rating-wise) and for your statement on behalf of glim. While I do not share your fondness for him (I consider him an annoying but largely harmless pest), I applaud you for your warmth and tolerance.

    Craig: please do. I’d like to hear your thoughts on this.

  32. elessar, i’m an annoying harmless pest in person too. now here comes the rain. ;)

  33. I enjoy all the voices in the LiC’s comments section. Everyone has moments of great insight and eloquence, together with ordinary ones. Glim offers a particularly unique voice, and his comments are always welcome by me.

  34. Wow, in the “ignore my predictions” column, I was way off on Australia’s box office. Oh well, I don’t really care but if anyone’s interested, I’ve got strong feeling on this week’s winning lottery numbers.

  35. Late to the party — again.

    Some films that are merely average, kinda good or good can be perceived as great/excellent films. Many reasons are behind this phenom. Using Milk (which I haven’t seen yet) as an example, I imagine there are many people out there who simply love the thing because they’re walking into the theater with emotions that are ripe for the plucking.

    I’m not putting down Milk — how can I put down a movie I’ve not even seen? I’m just saying that successful films — yes, Oscarworthy films — quite often need a little help — sometimes a lot of help — to get to that place. That’s where audience perception and things like zeitgeist come into play.

  36. Elessar: I very much appreciate your kindness and support, and have often evinced a lot of agreement with your views at AD (where I will continue to look for them), but at this point I have a rock-solid truce with glimmer, whom I have reached accord with on a number of vital concerns. We all want to be friends here, and I while he has rubbed me wrong in the past –as I have rubbed him wrong–we want to have one big happy family here.

  37. I have disagreed with both Sam and Glimmer on any number of occasions but I treasure both of their contributions to LiC and believe them both to be good people. Any individual is easy to ignore if you don’t care for their style or their attitude or their opinions.

    I’m always more interested in hearing what Glimmer likes than what he doesn’t (it’s in my nature), and we’ve agreed on many things…Lars and the Real Girl comes to mind from last year. Glim was the biggest champion there was and it’s a movie I feel was unfairly snubbed by some film snobs.

    For his part, Sam’s passion gets the better of him from time to time and it’s sometimes hard for him to see another perspective beyond his own enthusiasm, but none of us would be here if we didn’t love movies. As host, I often try to strike an agreeable middle ground and then hope that you all step in to mix it up with your strongly held opinions. Obviously I won’t soft pedal my reviews, but I try to leave comment thread controversy to the readers.

    I’m rambling here, but that’s it in a nutshell.

    I can understand Milk not blowing a person away (in some ways it was a little detailed for my taste) and I’ve already freely admitted that current circumstances probably colored my reaction to the film, but we don’t see movies in a vaccuum. They’re a reflection of and a commentary on our times. Milk struck at a perfect time for me.

    Joel, your predictions regarding Box Office are more solid than mine as my dismal performance in Mr. Getahun’s most recent round of Fantasy Moguls proves.

  38. craig. a reason i liked the earlier version of the milk script was because it was more layered and detailed. i love layers and details. i loved being hit with ‘excess’ information/sound.or information /moods that many woud read as such.

    and you know how against the streamlining of things. i am.

    i really think i need a lot of info to keep me interested.or make me care….

    but wanting more info is almost viewed as almost being pro pedophile in today’s culture/climate.

    a lack of information gives me a headache the same way too much info gives most people a headache…

    that’s right i have no idea what i’m talking about . :)

    and you know that i’m wimp because i prefer mumbling instead of a manifesto. blurry instead of defined. visionary instead of tunnel vision. yep a wimp indeed… :)

    know i’m gonna whirl a post that’s gonna clear this doubt thing. so….

  39. LOL glimmer !!!! That one’s a classic.

    As far as “passion” Craig, indeed it could be blinding when it’s most intense. No doubt.

  40. hmm ok i gonna end this doubt thing once and for all and i’m gonna be sort of nice about it….maybe…

    elessar. if my saying i don’t like milk(or whatever) a film with 85% on metacritc/ 94% at rotten t./a film that’s gonna over 5000 award noms this year and pretty much alock for multi oscar nom/5 millions rounds of praise from movie blog/ is raining on your parade….your since of entitlement/intolerance *surpasses* my insanity concerning movies…..

    now i’m gonna use my insanity to eliminate doubt. all of it. right now !!!!!!

    hmm have i ever really said yay !!! yay !!! yes please to big blockbuste style picsr/oscar bait films/docs/bio pics. well pretty much no right ! right….

    “check the record/check the record/check the guys track record.”

    now have i ever been going yay /that my movie./this great /toward a film like no country. the answer is no and you know it….

    have i ever been going *wow* towards a film like atonement ???? again the answer is no.

    and how many times have i said please no more bio pics/docs (the more this stuff succeds the less chance of anything creative popping up.)

    so based on prefs/past trackrecord / statements/should it a surprise that i said hell no to atonement/no country or milk.hmm no ….

    so again it should be no surprise. but i’m surprised that people that say i’m raining on parades/or going against all the the films the critics/blogs have said are great /would attack me. if you’re paying attention enough to say those things *you should have* been paying attention enough to notice i’m not being difficult or out to puropsely annoy. or just bucking against what the critics or people in this forum say are great films…

    may dislike of these seems come from (within) whatever i’m forming/showed. and since i’ve been so insanely consistent (so far) i’m not sure how it could be miised that i’ve never supported certain type of things ala a film like atonement.

    so why should i be happy when atonement get 3000 award noms ??? why should i be impressed when atonement gets 10,000 good reveiws ???? becauase a professional reveiwer is impressed ??? whatever…..

    if anything may dislike of these films or ‘this type of stuff’ will grow because i now the more stuff that succeeds that i didslike/ it seems zero chance if *anything* i like being an award threat or getting 85% at metacritic.i know you don’t care/ but i do. ok ,can i care or maybe i’m not allowed to care because you don’t or ‘the critics’ see differently ??

    if that sounds insane. well you can’t totally dismiss it. because again this year nothing i like is anywhere closee to being a mulit award threat(or an award threat at all) or 85% at metacritic. either. geek cancer indeed…

    and please sam and elessar you attack him despite knowing stuff you like is totally on top with critics/blogs and award season….

    so please don’t pretend that either of you would be too much of saint to not post words of disagreement/nor question or complain// if you were in my shoes every damn award/critical season.

    just don’t f***ing lie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you attack and you have everything. point beyond proven. you attack without even understanding what i attack with even having a damn clue what i’m thinking. but you think you misinterpret my words and even my tone (no sam i wasn’t being/aiming for ‘smug’ when i did imy ntial words on milk here)

    the more the usual suspects(types of film) stay on top the more i know i can have no hope dreaming in cinema/no hope in life either…

    atonement/no country/mik/ i’m gonna f***ing pass…..

  41. That’s a good point about Milk, Glimmer, though I still haven’t read any versions of the script. To me it felt detailed, yet it was also obvious they left a lot of stuff out.

    To me I guess it doesn’t seem like the typical mainstream blockbuster that I know you don’t care for. I mainly agree with you on those, though I do think there are always interesting exceptions.

  42. Glimmer, as you know I am a big fan of ATONEMENT. You don’t care for it? Fine. It’s your right.

    But I honestly thought we had buried the hachet yesterday. I don’t want to fight anymore, it is with a heavy heart that I even answer this e mail. I like you as a person and hope the future will bring much agreement.

  43. Hey Glimmer, it’s not my blog, but I think your posts would be more readable if you could keep them below 10,000 words.

  44. I’ve never understood the point of getting into fights over whether someone likes a movie or not.

    Too much unnecessary grief over something that really doesn’t matter that much in the grand scheme of things. No need to get so worked up about it.

    Life’s too short.

  45. Matthew, I completely and wholeheartedly agree with you, and although I admit I have violated this very rule myself (even in my unfair, over-the-top attack of you many months back over THE LAST MISTRESS) I always come around to your way of thinking. Life is too short.

  46. jeff, my posts being under 10,000 doesn’t increase the readable factor….

    hmm no craig. i don’t mean milk is your typical blockbuster. it just seems like a trad bio pic and i’m not to attuned to raving over that..

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