Here are the Motion Picture nominees from the Visual Effects Society.

Besides noting that Iron Man got the most nominations with five (followed by Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and The Dark Knight which received four each) Variety points out that three films from last week’s Oscar visual effects list were snubbed entirely: Australia, Journey to the Center of the Earth and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

Outstanding Visual Effects in a Visual Effects Driven Motion Picture

  • The Chronicles of Narnia — Prince Caspian
    Wendy Rogers, Dean Wright, Andrew Fowler, Greg Butler
  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
    Eric Barba, Edson Williams, Nathan Mcguinness, Lisa Beroud
  • Hellboy II The Golden Army
    Michael J. Wassel, Lucy Killick, Adrian De Wet, Eamonn Butler
  • Cloverfield
    Kevin Blank, Chantal Feghali, Michael Ellis, Eric Leven
  • Iron Man
    Ben Snow, Hal Hickel, Victoria Alonso, John Nelson

Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Motion Picture

  • Changeling
    Michael Owens, Geoffrey Hancock, Jinnie Pak, Dennis Hoffman
  • Eagle Eye
    Jim Rygiel, Jim Berney, Crys Forsyth-Smith, David Smith
  • Valkyrie
    Richard R. Hoover, Maricel Pagulayan, Peter Nofz, Daniel Eaton
  • Nim’s Island
    Camille Cellucci, Scott Gordon, Fred Pienkos, James Straus
  • Synecdoche, New York
  • Mark Russell, Richard Friedlander, Eric Robertson, Brett Miller

Outstanding Animation in an Animated Motion Picture

  • Bolt – The Chase
    Chris Williams, Byron Howard, John Murrah, Doug Bennett
  • Kung Fu Panda – Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting – The Animation of Kung Fu Panda
    Markus Manninen, Dan Wagner, Alex Parkinson, Raymond Zibach
  • A Matter of Loaf And Death – Piella’s Mansion
    Nick Park, Steve Pegram, Dave Alex Riddett, David Mccormick
  • Wall-E
    Andrew Stanton, Jim Morris, Lindsey Collins, Nigel Hardwidge

Best Single Visual Effect of the Year

  • Cloverfield – Statue of Liberty Crash And Woolworth Tower Collapse
    Michael Ellis, Chantal Feghali, David Vickery, Ben Taylor
  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – Benjamin’s Secret
    Eric Barba, Lisa Beroud, Steve Preeg, Jonathan Litt
  • The Day The Earth Stood Still – Newborn Klaatu
    Jeffrey A. Okun, R. Christopher White, Thomas M. Boland, Ben Thompson
  • Indiana Jones And The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull – Valley Destruction
    Stephanie Hornish, Pablo Helman, Jeff White, Craig Hammack
  • Iron Man
    Ben Snow, Wayne Billheimer, Victoria Alonso, John Nelson

Outstanding Animated Character in a Live Action Motion Picture

  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – Benjamin Button
    Steve Preeg, Matthias Wittmann, Tom St. Amand, David Mclean
  • Hellboy II: The Golden Army – Elemental Sequence
    Colin Mcevoy, Christoph Ammann
  • Iron Man
    Hal Hickel, Bruce Holcomb, James Tooley, John Walker
  • The Spiderwick Chronicles – Hogsqueal
    Todd Labonte, Michael Brunet, Nathan Fredenburg, Aharon Bourland

Outstanding Animated Character in an Animated Motion Picture

  • Bolt – Various Sequences – Bolt
    Becky Bresee, Bob Davies, Renato Dos Anjos, Wayne Unten Jr.
  • Bolt – Various Sequences – Rhino
    Adam Dykstra, Dave Gottlieb, Clay Kaytis, Hyrum Osmond
  • Kung Fu Panda – This Kung Fu Stuff Is Hard Work – The Animation of Po
    Jack Black, Dan Wagner, Nico Marlet, Peter Farson
  • Wall-E – Wall-E And Eve Truck Sequence
    Ben Burtt, Victor Navone, Austin Lee, Jay Shuster

Outstanding Effects Animation in an Animated Feature Motion Picture

  • Bolt – Various Sequences
    John Murrah, Michael Kaschalk, Dale Mayeda, Adolph Lusinsky
  • Kung Fu Panda – The Secret Ingredient – Visual Effects of Kung Fu Panda
    Markus Manninen, Alex Parkinson, Amaury Aubel, Lawrence Lee
  • Madagascar Escape 2 Africa – Effects In Africa
    Scott Peterson, Laurent Kermel, Andrew Wheeler, Greg Gladstone
  • Wall-E – Effects In Wall-E
    Jason Johnston, Keith Daniel Klohn, Enrique Vila, Bill Watral

Outstanding Matte Paintings in a Feature Motion Picture

  • Changeling – 1928 Downtown L.A.
    Romain Bayle, Abel Milanes, Allan Lee, Debor Dunphy
  • Indiana Jones And The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull
    Richard Bluff, Barry Williams, Yanick Dusseault, Yusei Uesugi
  • Synecdoche, New York – Matte Paintings
    Brett Miller, Garrett Eaton, MatThew Conner
  • Speed Racer – Overall Matte Painting Presentation
    Lubo Hristov, Dennis Martin, Ron Crabb

Outstanding Models And Miniatures in a Feature Motion Picture

  • The Dark Knight – Garbage Truck Crash Models And Miniatures
    Ian Hunter, Forest Fischer, Branden Seifert, Adam Gelbart
  • Indiana Jones And The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull
    David Fogler, Craig Hammack, Brian Gernand, Geoff Heron
  • Iron Man – Suit Up Machine
    Aaron Mcbride, Russell Paul, Gerald Gutschmidt, Keiji Yamaguchi
  • My Darling of The Mountains – Hot Springs
    Taro Kiba, Kenji Nagatani, Yuki Minagawa, Hideo Udo

Outstanding Created Environment in a Feature Motion Picture

  • Cloverfield – Brooklyn Bridge Sequence
    David Vickery, Phil Johnson, Victor Wade, Sean Stranks
  • The Dark Knight – Imax Gotham City Scapes
    Peter Bebb, David Vickery, Philippe Leprince, Andrew Lockley
  • Indiana Jones And The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull – Temple Heart
    Michael Halsted, David Fogler, Steve Walton, David Weitzberg
  • The Mummy: Tomb of The Dragon Emperor – Avalanche Sequence
    Mike Meaker, Rich Mahon, Jason Iverson, Sho Hasegawa
  • Synecdoche, New York – Created Environment
    Brett Miller, Garrett Eaton, MatThew Conner

Outstanding Compositing in a Feature Motion Picture

  • The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
    Stuart Lashley, Arundi Asregadoo, Mark Curtis, Richard Baker
  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – Benjamin Comes Together
    Janelle Croshaw, Paul Lambert, Sonja Burchard, Sarahjane Javelo
  • Iron Man — Head Under Display – Hud Compositing
    Jonathan Rothbart, Dav Rauch, Kyle Mcculloch, Kent Seki
  • Quantum of Solace – Sienna Chase And Fight Sequence
    Anthony Smith, Christian Kaestner, Adrian Metzelaar, Jon Thum

Outstanding Special Effects in a Motion Picture

  • The Dark Knight
    Chris Corbould, Peter Notley, Ian Lowe
  • The Dark Knight – Garbage Truck Crash Mechanical Effects
    Scott Beverly, Robert Spurlock, Jon Warren, Brian Kelly Hahn
  • Defiance – Special Effects
    Neil Corbould, Steve Warner, Anne Maria Walters, Alan Young

For a list including the television nominees, check out Variety.

9 Responses to “Visual Effects Society Nominations”

  1. Nice to see them thinking outside the same four pictures the other technical awards seemed to be heaped on this year.

  2. I was happy to see HB get nominated for one of the biggies and another one for the best scene in the movie, but 2 noms? Really? What was so f’ing special about Iron Man?

  3. Box office receipts, critical acclaim, popularity. Iron Man and TDK are the obvious choices for these kinds of awards, regardless of the other options. I was just happy to see a movie like Synecdoche, NY getting noms (well-deserved) and Speed Racer at least getting a mention.

    If only the actual Oscar noms for SFX could be as interesting.

  4. that’s awfully glass-is-half-fully of you! :)

  5. Half-full of CGI water.

  6. Fucking matte paintings? That’s it? Not even “created environment”?.
    I can understand the Oscars dismissing “Speed Racer” because it was a commercial disaster, but the Visual Effects Society really believes Iron Man, Narnia and Cloverfield displayed greater, more creative and inventive visual technique for their stories?


  7. I loved that matte painting in Changeling. The production design, period detail, costuming… The film may have been crushingly flawed in other ways, but those categories all deserve across-the-board A’s.

    Like Joel, I am so happy to see Synecdoche, New York given some attention here.

  8. Yeah Ari, I’m with you. I’d expect Oscar not to notice, but these guys should know good shit when they see it.

    particularly as you say Created Environment…I mean come on! The whole movie was a special effect practically.

    I can only think that Warner Bros did nothing to get attention for this movie for any awards action and that most of the voters didn’t even see it.

    From a business standpoint, they were wise to cut their losses, but it sucks for all the people who put in the hard work.

  9. As far as ‘Best Single Visual Effect’ goes, I thought that the ‘Statue of Liberty crash’ was fairly mediocre, and that the ‘newborn Klaatu’ was downright crummy’. They both screamed of massless, textureless CGI.

    Otherwise, some nice choices here.

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