I was looking for a clever movie clip that would somehow enhance or play off this exciting day in American history, but there aren’t any movies better than this.

I’m just going to sit back quietly and watch.

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  1. It’s a day of celebration and ecstasy! Here in Fairview, New Jersey, a brigade of 100 kindergarten and pre-K children carrying Obama photos “marched” from our main building to our annex (across the street) to the booming amplification of “Love Train.” I’m sure this mirrors the general activitties of school systems across America, all of which are all caught up in this message of hope and renewal. It’s a day many of us won’t ever forget, evincing the same kind of etched memory as we had when JFK was assassinated. (although outside of a few old farts like me, most LIC regulars weren’t even conceived yet! LOL!)

    The event evokes Chrchill’s “finest hour” speech and a great deal of honest Abe. It’s one of America’s defining moments!

  2. Seriously, I’m not even American but I am so happy for you guys and I hope from the bottom of my heart that Obama will assist in restoring everything that I believe makes America great. I most certainly think he is up to the task, as do the majority of you obviously. What a speech to, brings tears to my non-American eyes, I can only imagine what you all are feeling right now!

  3. I’m overcome. Completely, utterly, happily.

  4. I’m still so incredibly moved. What a wonderful day.

  5. What a day! His speech was incredible.

    Poor Ted Kennedy. That makes me so sad :(

  6. Even on the other side of the world people are moved by this momentous occasion. I love how this day celebrates the best of America, the very qualities I see in my many American friends including all those among the LiC family.

  7. It’s really rather surprising that it’s actually happening.
    Tomorrow comes the hard part: actually doing stuff.

  8. If he lives up to a fraction of the promise he represents, good times are ahead.

    Here’s hoping.

  9. It was an excellent speech. I’m not one for most of the pomp and circumstance of political tradition like that, I’d prefer a smaller, more intimate affair to inaugurate our leaders, but it is what it is. I’m more happy to see Bush out of there.

  10. I appreciate where you’re both coming from, but I think he is already living up to his promise. I don’t buy the more exaggerated hype (and he certainly doesn’t endorse it). He’s not a combination of Mother Teresa, Einstein, and Superman. It is enough for me that the leader of the world’s sole superpower tackles complex problems with intelligence, humanity, logic, and a well developed capacity for moral reasoning. And clearly articulates and respects the core values that underpin his approach. His possession of these qualities has already shaped his stated aims and policies/strategies, and informed the selection of those around him. No one expects him and his administration to solve all of America’s or the world’s ills. And even rallying and motivating Americans to do more for their communities and nation will only go so far. But the fact that he possesses such admirable qualities, and is already acting in accordance with them, is evidence enough for me that he’s delivering.

  11. Is anyone watching the Neighborhood Ball on ABC?

    Why is Shakira insistent on ruining Van Morrison for me?

  12. I”m 3 hours behind you K so I haven’t had the pleasure of Shakira’s butchering.

    I agree with what you say Sartre. That’s why I voted for the guy, but I hope he’s able to bring about more tangible results and more than anything I hope he succeeds in changing the attitude of government and people’s attitudes ABOUT government.

  13. Also, I think my favorite things about today are the Japanese in the city of Obama celebrating the inauguration with a Hawaiian theme and the happy Kenyans.

  14. Craig, I can’t believe what she did to that song. She butchered “Bright Side of the Road”… I can’t understand why she would do that to Van Morrison…

  15. Ohhhh…that’s one of my favorite Van hits too.

    I have to add, I’m a huge fan of Aretha Franklin, but I’m not a fan of her take on My Country Tis of Thee this morning…or the tea cozy she was wearing on her head.

    Am I alone?

  16. I can’t think of a Van Morrison song I don’t like. Shakira just ruined one of my favorites.

    And Jon Stewart just mentioned Aretha’s hat on The Daily Show. Right now he’s gleefully talking about Dick Cheney being pushed around in a wheelchair, lol

  17. Ahahahah…Someone made a Dr. Strangelove joke to me today.

  18. I don’t know how he does it, but Dick Cheney looks MORE nefarious in a wheelchair.

  19. He’s Mr. Potter!

    Aggggg…Shakira made my ears bleed.

  20. Wasn’t she terrible? What did she do that song?

  21. she wrapped it in barbed wire, doused it in gasoline, set it on fire and threw it off a cliff

  22. That doesn’t even begin to cover it…

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