Beyond the fact it was Pixar I wasn’t buying into Up until just now when I watched this latest trailer. I’m not sure what did it, but it’s done. I mean, I was already going to go, but…

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  1. : D

    Looks fun. I’m there.

    I bought one of those translating dog collars for my aunt’s dog once as a sort of joke.

  2. Damn, Trailer Addict is so hard to play. I hate it when they get an exclusive.

  3. Finally was able to watch this. I think my brain is missing the neural network that allows one to appreciate these Disney Pixar family entertainments. I’m not against the notion that stories can be told that delight young and old alike. I loved Spirited Away for instance, but all I can see in this sub-genre is the re-working of movie formula involving a high-concept – in this case a house that floats on balloons bringing together unlikely allies, cutesy characters – old grump and nerdy kid, talking animals as comedic side-kicks, a dastardly villain, and feel good tone.

  4. The “old grump” is you looking in the mirror Sartre. :) I KEEEEEED. See my comments in the Watercooler about my failure to understand dissenting points of view on VCB and the same thing applies to Pixar. I suspect you feel the same way from the other side of the fence. How can so many smart people you know and respect be so wrong? And yet, there it is. Right?

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