Back in the old days when I was afraid of actually coming up with something to post here at LiC every single day, we had an occasional feature called Friday Filler that was a blatant acknowledgment that Fridays are slow traffic days and frankly I just didn’t always feel like breaking a sweat.

Well, it’s Friday and I’m using that as a thinly veiled excuse to post something that has nothing at all to do with movies.

In an age when journalism is looking more and more like entertainment, it’s interesting that it falls to an entertainer to finally call bullshit on nonsense like CNBC.

Jon Stewart has been sticking it to financial organ grinder’s monkey Jim Cramer all week and last night Cramer agreed to be on the show.

It was good stuff, but why is Jon Stewart the first guy to be asking these questions?

With apologies to those of you outside the US, please enjoy. I’d also encourage you to watch all the episodes leading up to this.

14 Responses to “Friday Filler: Entertain-o-financial Meltdown Smackdown!”

  1. Wow, kudos for Stewart for not backing down and just bringing the entirety of his criticism straight to Kramer but kudos for Kramer for showing up to be eviscerated on TV. He might be a fool for agreeing to the interview but I think that’s a conversation most Americans (and many non-Americans) have wanted to have with Wall Street for the last 6 months (if not longer).

    Sadly, Kramer is barely even a speckle of dust on the iceberg of the problem, so any changes he makes will accomplish little to solve anything. At the very least, he might offer a little more civility on his show and a little less mindless, idiotic jackassness. I hope that’s not too much to ask.

  2. Maybe I’m naive, but one side benefit of this huge economic shit sandwich we’re all feasting on, I hope, is a readjustment of priorities – both in terms of how the economy works and in terms of how it (and the news in general) is reported on.

  3. Wouldn’t that be pleasant, to note that this isn’t working and to actively change the system(s) to make it better? Our national track record on that subject isn’t so hot though.

  4. Yeah, notsomuch

  5. Johnny foreigners like myself can catch the full unedited segment at ->

    I heart Jon Stewart.

  6. Thanks for the heads up Sartre. You foreigners aren’t as bad as I’d been led to believe.

  7. We get friendlier when we’re not told things like ‘you’re either with us or against us’.

  8. Funny, so do we!

  9. I was wondering if I should post this because it was just beautiful.

  10. Best. TV. Ever.

    Made me want to change the name of the blog to Living in Television.

    Doesn’t have the same ring to it though.

  11. The championing of greater integrity, independence rather than cheer leading collusion with dishonesty, and intelligence in business reporting reminds me of the book I’m currently reading – Stieg Larsson’s Girl with a Dragon Tattoo. The main character in this fine murder mystery has the exact same complaints with business journalism in Sweden.

  12. Well Craig, CNBC and NBC pretended like this whole episode didn’t even happen on Friday. The only place it showed up on their entire stable of shows was with Rachel Maddow, who gave it a quick takedown. Even Olbermann decided to leave it alone and whiny pinhead Joe Scarborough apparently missed it even though he was publicly deriding Stewart’s line of commentary earlier in the week.

    I guess I didn’t expect much from NBC’s news division anyway. They seem to be competing with FOX for the Least Ethical Journalism award this past year, but it is telling that they ran with this thing until their boy got schooled.

    As the NYT pointedly noted in their follow-up, for Kramer and MSNBC this whole thing is about ratings, ratings, ratings.

  13. Joel, NBC asked all of its reporters not to talk about the interview on any of their shows.

  14. Yeah, I’ve heard that one. Kinda sad that they couldn’t be troubled to cover it.

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