Here’s the French romantic comedy I mentioned in a recent Watercooler. Nobody does the genre like the French and this is another fine example. It’s not as effervescent as last year’s LiC favorite Priceless, but it has an interesting melancholy streak that kind of tempers the frivolity of it all. If you’re one of the many people who have issues with Trailer Addict, you can give the trailer a spin over at Yahoo.

Shall We Kiss? (Un baiser s’il vous plaît) starring lovely Virginie Ledoyen and Julie Gayet opens in NY and LA on March 27.

9 Responses to “Trailer: Shall We Kiss?”

  1. Mais oui…

    Le Francais peut sans doute faire sexy.

  2. heh heh. I spelled it “pricless” which I think is a sight better than “prickless”

    Yeah, I’m kind of a sucker for the French. I hope you like this one.

  3. Yeah, I just did the same thing in the DRAG ME TO HELL thread. I mistyped “genuinely.” Hardly ever happens.

    So I won’t make another mistake for at least a decade. This is the downside of being a perfectionist.

    Last year – in the midst of glorious intensely felt summer – we had a French film festival all at one theatre. They showed a film a week for nearly two months.

    It happens to be one of my favourite cinemas in town. One that I go to on a consistent basis.

    That’s where I saw PRICELESS for the first time (yes!!!) and THE FLIGHT OF THE RED BALLOON (zzzzzzzzz…). So hopefully we’ll have one again this year – as I understand there are some superb French films set for release stateside.

    But I’ll be actively looking for this one. Chances are if you dug it, then I’ll adore it too.

    I’m so grateful that you’re a sucker for the French, mon petit crab. It only covers the one side of my family though.

    Thanks for posting this, Craig. If it weren’t for you, all the essential stuff would just glide into the pit of doom.

    And we couldn’t have that. Could we…?

  4. I do try to shine a light on stuff that doesn’t necessarily get a lot of attention. It’s hard though since not everyone gets this stuff at the same time if at all.

    Nevertheless, I ultimately kind of got into the poetry of Red Balloon, but I can see where it wouldn’t necessarily melt a person’s butter. Shall We… isn’t as much fun as Priceless I don’t think…I particularly had some issues with not really liking the male lead who is also the director, but then Hedwig has already said she liked him so I’ll defer to the feminine half of the audience on that one.

  5. Well, if you’re going to defer to anyone, Craig, I imagine it SHOULD be Hedwig…

    Melt my butter…?

    I’m gonna have to remember that one. I can guarantee you it will come in handy.

    Some time…

  6. (I corrected your tiny typo in the other thread. No one need be the wiser…unless of course they read THIS thread too…)

  7. Thanks for the Bertolucci reference.

  8. Oh man, you just hadda go there, didn’t you?

  9. Sorry.

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