I spent the day at the movies today which cut into valuable Tokyo Sonata review writing time and I might not finish in time for it to be today’s post. Just in case, please enjoy this trailer for In the Loop, one of the better reviewed comedies out of Sundance. I like the sound of it, but I’ve gotta say the trailer doesn’t impress.

Trailers for comedies are often problematic, either showing too much or too little. Hopefully this is a case of the latter.

In the Loop opens April 17.

3 Responses to “Trailer: In the Loop”

  1. This is a feature length adaptation of the very funny and well worth catching British comedy series In the Thick of It.

  2. Is it from the same folks, sartre? Just curious. The trailer isn’t really grabbing me but like Craig mentions comedies aren’t always well-served by trailers.

    Just an aside, but Trailer Addict hates me. Like trying to watch something via the Real Player on our laptop, even after I download the entire stream.

  3. Joel, I immediately recognized some of the actors, the milieu, and shooting style from the television series. Professor Wiki then confirmed the link between the two.

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