Sorry for yet another trailer, but I’ve been waiting for this one to go up for a couple of days.

Toni Servillo in Il Divo

Winner of the Grand Jury Prize at Cannes last year, Paolo Sorrentino’s Il Divo tells the true story of Italy’s mob-connnected seven time prime minister Giulio Andreotti. Toni Servillo (Gomorrah) won a European Film Award for his lead performance and the film has been nominated for 16 of Italy’s David di Donatello film awards.

I have a good feeling about this one and I’ll let you know how it goes after I see it tonight.

Il Divo opens on April 24 at New York’s Lincoln Plaza Cinemas and either May 1 or May 8 in Los Angeles.

11 Responses to “Trailer: Il Divo”

  1. You’re kidding me. This is another playing at our fest next week, but I thought it was a documentary about the opera group. Seriously. I think somebody even screwed up the promo picture because I swear I saw a picture of them next to the title.

    So now I’m interested, but will wait for your word…

  2. After being mostly disappointed by the Gomorrah, I’m hoping this mob movie is a bit more interesting. Gomorrah was fine, but after all the hype I was expecting something more than a gritty ugly lesson in crime not paying.

  3. This sounds interesting to me, but the trailer was a real turn-off. I’m hoping this is better than the Guy Ritchie-inspired splash-and-cut trailer implies. We shall see. I’ll be curious to hear your response.

  4. The style of the trailer put me off a little bit too…the editing mainly, but I’m willing to allow it might be exaggerated.

    We’ll see.

  5. I saw this one a couple of nights ago and just posted a piece on it yesterday myself.

    Honestly…I didn’t like it much. I loved the visual style of it, but overall in felt convoluted and scattershot. I plan on revisiting it sometime this week just to make sure.

    Although I must admit, I *enjoyed* this one more than “Gomorrah.”

  6. Also, that trailer is a bit deceptive. The movie itself isn’t that hyperkinetic.

  7. I was hoping the trailer overdid the style at least a little. Not sure I’d want to sit through a whole movie like that. I took a peek at the Wells piece you referred to and I see he’s hedging his bets a little after coming out pretty strongly for it at Cannes.

    We’ll see how it goes. Expectations are modest.

  8. It is very stylish, but it comes more out of the cinematography and music than the editing. That was what made the movie worth watching for me, otherwise I felt like I needed more of a background in Italian politics to really get what was going on.

  9. Thanks for the comments Matthew. You made me more curious to see the movie now.

  10. It’s definitely worth seeing just to stimulate discussion. I’ll be interested to hear what others think of it.

  11. I liked it for sure, but I’m still processing it to decide if I loved it or not. Definitely more entertaining than Gomorrah, though in fairness Gomorrah wasn’t aiming to be a crowd pleaser.

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