While you all stuff your Cadbury Creme Egg holes in celebration of whatsisname, here’s the finale of LiC’s favorite religiously themed movie of all time. Happy Easter!

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  1. Hahahahaha. Good choice of clips. :D

    Happy Easter.

  2. Now that you mention it…

    LIFE OF BRIAN (which I have seen in a cinema BTW) just played the film festival theatre downtown this weekend – with late night showings on Friday and Saturday.

    How”s that for radical…?

    Happy Easter, my delightful little crabcake….and to everyone else at LiC that I have an enormous affection for…

  3. Ok, that just made me enormously happy. First, because that’s secretly one of my favorite songs and second, that it’s LiC’s Easter clip.

    I love this site.

    Happy Easter to one and all!

    I’ve got the giggles now. Maybe I should lay off the Cadbury mini-eggs.

  4. Well done, Craig.

    And Happy Easter to everybody.

  5. Ha Ha!!!

    And I also remember the use of Mr. Criosote for Thanksgiving! You have excellent taste!


  6. Nice.

  7. Happy Easter everybody!

    (passing out on the couch in a sugar coma….puddle of chocolate drool forming around my mouth….)

  8. I love that you are always posting Monty Python videos here.

  9. :) there’s a Python for every occasion!

    I’m just waiting for an excuse to post the Every Sperm is Sacred video.

  10. When it comes to Monty Python, do you even need an excuse?

  11. nope. usually it just comes blurting out.

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