Here are Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine on Saturday Night Live defending the new Star Trek to some of the hard core fans who have a problem with the film. Do those people exist? Really?

Yeah, the movie actually had more humor in it than this or any typical episode of the modern SNL.

Now this was a funny SNL sketch.

After the jump is a bit from Onion News that is pretty good, but seems like it was written before they saw the movie.

Trekkies Bash New Star Trek Film As ‘Fun, Watchable’

4 Responses to “The New Kirk and Spock on the New SNL”

  1. Yes, those people DO exist. :)

    Thanks for posting the clips.

    *btw, where’s your Mother’s Day post? I fully expected a clip from Serial Mom, or maybe of the Catholic woman in The Meaning of Life who has babies dropping out of her when she stands up. :p

  2. I was looking for a good clip of Anjelica Huston in The Grifters but couldn’t find one. Then I was going to go with the trailer for Charles Kaufman’s 1970s Troma classic Mother’s Day, but it was actually so foul as to cross the line into not funny (I know some will argue the other holiday themed clips I’ve posted were most certainly not funny…)

    So anyway, decided to observe the day with quiet reverence for my own awesome mom.

    Hope any moms out there had a happy one.

  3. I love ANJELICA HUSTON in THE GRIFTERS. That is one of the most stunning performances I have EVER seen.

    Pure extravagant brilliance…

    But I know how you feel, Craig.


    I miss my mom, too.

  4. Sucks I couldn’t find a better clip of Grifters. They had the whole movie in chunks, but it was un-embeddable.

    Oh well.

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