The folks at Disney/Pixar have released a bunch of new images from Up coming to theaters on May 29

You can check out all the images over at SlashFilm, but for the animation nerds out there, I’ve picked out a handful that illustrate the progression of the animation from original drawings to the final product. Click each picture for the full sized version.

Meanwhile, reviews are trickling in in advance of the film’s official Cannes premiere. As of this writing the top critics are 4/4 positive.

Up 002

Up 003

Up 004

Up 005

Up 006

Up 007

Up 008

5 Responses to “‘Up’ up and away”

  1. The whole process of CGI is sort of insane. It never ceases to amaze me that they can start out with raw frames that are so crude and basic and so much detail and polish gets added in successive layers.

  2. It’s easy to think of a dude sitting at a computer with his mouse utilizing powerful software to do all the work for him and that anyone could do it, but it’s so much more complicated than that.

    Plus it seems like they push the envelope on the technology each time so I’d imagine the software has to be continually reworked.

    Aesthetically, I still love good old fashioned hand drawn animation, but I have a ton of respect for the kind of stuff Pixar makes look easy.

    One thing I love is how they’ve evolved it into a style of its own. Graphically it draws from 2D animation, but they’ve expanded the visual vocabulary of animation (wow, that was the fruitiest sounding sentence I’ve tapped out in days).

  3. Pretentious fruit cake. Although I agree.

  4. I should add, I’m really starting to warm up to this movie. I mean, all along I kind of figured Pixar would deliver (even Cars wasn’t awful, just not up to their usual standards), but I just wasn’t feeling the story.

    I’m into it now.

  5. ditto.

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