Yahoo has the trailer for John Hillcoat’s upcoming Cormac McCarthy adaptation The Road starring Viggo Mortensen. I’m not watching it, but enjoy:

The Road opens October 16.

4 Responses to “Trailer: The Road”

  1. Trailer Addict HATES my computer so I’m just going to wait to see this in a theater, or not see it at all because I’d definitely seeing this movie opening weekend. Looking forward to it.

  2. There’s a link up there to watch it at Yahoo, but Yahoo hates MY computer.

    Nevertheless, I’m not watching it until I’m forced to see it in a theater.

  3. When you see it in a theater, you can hide your eyes for the first few apocalyptic seconds of the trailer and anytime Theron is onscreen. The war/disaster/general hell breaking loose isn’t in the film at all, apparently, and Theron’s part appears larger than it actually is.

    The non-misleading parts look great, though. I think.

  4. I hear tell the trailer is actually quite different from the movie (and certainly different from the novel). Did the Esquire guy make a point of saying that?

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