Kelya Espinoza
Get ready for lots of “Keyla Espinoza is a Basterd” headlines

After drawing inspiration from Italian cult-genre filmmaker Enzo G. Castellari to make his current film Inglourious Basterds, Quentin Tarantino has apparently given some of that inspiration in return. The 70-year-old Castellari has turned up on the Croisette with a promo reel for his first film in 15 years: Caribbean Basterds.

Variety quotes the enthusiastic director as saying,  “Quentin’s going to be surprised when he sees the title, and I’m going to say: ‘You were inspired by my movie [Inglorious Bastards], but I just copied from yours with no shame.’ ”

The film stars Venezuelan supermodel Keyla Espinoza and is described by Castellari simply: “Action, action, action and lots of sex and drugs…There is lots of violence against rich folks, and the kids take advantage of the situation to have fun with a few orgies.”

Who doesn’t like orgies?

The best B-movies sometimes come from a single idea and a catchy title. In this case, the single idea was a shooting location, et voilá: Caribbean Basterds. I’m not saying this thing is any good, but you have to admire the man’s enthusiasm and spirit of showmanship. It’s something lacking in so much Hollywood summer product.

Since there aren’t really any drive-ins anymore, I’m guessing this one will turn up on late night cable and DVD.

6 Responses to “Caribbean Basterds: Action x 3 and “lots of sex and drugs””

  1. It’s kinda perfect and genius in the way the exploitation Italian filmmakers used to blatantly rip off DAWN OF THE DEAD and Leone films…

  2. It’s crazily meta….the Italians rip off american movies, then Tarantino rips off the Italians and now the wily Italian is ripping off Tarantino!

    Don’t you kind of miss the days when a movie could be born of a catchy title and a poster?

  3. Where do you think Giant Squid vs Mega Shark came from, Craig? Oh wait, that’s a catchy title and a DVD cover. My bad.

  4. My issue with GSvMS was the perception that they were trying to Snakes on a Plane it…and my issue with SoaP was the fact that, by trying to turn a B movie into a blockbuster, they ruined the joke.

    Mr. Castellari knows exactly what he’s making here.

  5. I’ve checked Mr Castellari’s web site,

    and i can tell you that the Lead female role (named Linda) is this beautiful blonde actress Eleonora Albrecht , get a look at her web site…

  6. Tom Crosson is Astounding in this movie and his beauitful wife Mimi brings it Class with a capitol C!

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