Audrey Hepburn

The AP reports that an unidentified buyer paid the equivalent of $93,800 for a rare 2001 German stamp featuring Audrey Hepburn.

The stamp’s original 14 million run was destroyed following a copyright dispute with Hepburn’s son Sean Ferrer who took issue with the portrayal of his mother with a cigarette holder. 30 proof copies were saved when an unknown Finance Ministry employee used them to mail letters.

Yes, it’s kind of a slow news day so far, but this is more interesting than a hunk of metal purported to be a prop from James Cameron’s Avatar or news that they’re remaking Buffy the Vampire Slayer without Joss Whedon or speculation about another crack at a failed Marvel superhero movie because a Battlestar Galactica actress bought some comic books in Hollywood, isn’t it?

Besides, stamps and Audrey Hepburn make me think of Stanley Donen’s Charade co-starring Cary Grant, Walter Matthau and James Coburn and that’s never a bad thing.

Source: USA Today

2 Responses to “Audrey Hepburn: Still smokin’”

  1. Does the price of the stamp go up with the next USPS postage increase? He shoulda just bought forever stamps (Or would they be Always stamps in this case?).

    Also: This Buffy reboot being compared to the new Star Trek may have finally got me all aboard your Rant Train about the need for no more reboots of old things with alternate timelines and characters. Yep, I see your point. I wanted to say, “I see your Mr. Pointy,” but no, that wouldn’t have any relevance here now, without Whedon. Sigh.

  2. Heh heh..Always stamps…

    For better or for worse (I’d argue better but I don’t want to fight with anyone about it), Buffy was what it was because of Whedon so doing a new one without him isn’t really worth the trouble.

    Yes, I know the original movie ultimately had very little to do with him, but it as also pretty stupid.

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