Pina Bausch and Wim Wenders

His latest film Palermo Shooting (as yet unseen outside of the festival circuit in the US) got creamed when it played Cannes in 2008, but LiC favorite Wim Wenders is hoping to move ahead into the third dimension.

Screen Daily tells us Wenders is collaborating with legendary choreographer Pina Bausch to bring three of her dances, The Rite of Spring (1975), Café Müller (1978) and Full Moon (2006), to the big screen in 3D.

Screen Daily quotes the German director as saying “The two-dimensional cinema screen is just not capable of capturing Pina Bausch’s work, either emotionally or aesthetically. When I watched her dance for the first time 25 years ago, I was captivated and deeply moved. I was able to understand human movement, gestures and feelings in a whole new way. And this magic is what I would like to translate to the screen.”

Hollywood keeps trying to tell us 3D is the wave of the future, so why not? Well, for starters it’s LiC’s considered opinion that it’s really just a studio gimmick to forestall the irrelevancy of theatrical exhibition and to give studios a chance to go through their back catalogues and reissue old product in a new format for more money.

We’ve only seen Coraline in 3D, but found that it tended to muddy the image and otherwise distract from the beautiful animation. We’re still debating whether to see Up for the first time in 2D or 3D.

On the other hand, something as purely visual as a dance might be just the subject for 3D presentation.

James Cameron’s Avatar may be a gamechanger for the technology when it finally comes out this winter, but we remain skeptical. Call us old fashioned.

3 Responses to “Even Wim Wenders wants to go 3D”

  1. Oooh, but DANCE in 3-D? That’s something else entirely. I adore The Rite of Spring. Maybe it will be so revolutionary an experience in 3-D that the premiere of Wenders’ movie will have a full-out riot with fistfights and everything like when the ballet premiered in 1913.

    We can hope, can’t we?

  2. Yes I conceded near the end of the post that dance might just be the perfect thing for 3D.

    Tell you what, when the movie comes out, I’ll help you start a fist fight. What say you?

  3. Could be interesting.

    Never even thought of dance in 3 D. Seems a bit wacked. But I suppose it could work.

    I’m a big fan of PARIS, TEXAS. Possibly Mr. Wenders could end up being the perfect person to make this project viable.

    I’m skeptical. It does sound like a gimmick. But If I see it with my own eyes, I might just be convinced.

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