Where's Waldo

Here he is.

Commence Internet speculation that he’ll be played by Johnny Depp because he’s in Universal’s Public Enemies (and they also want him for Frank Sinatra) or Steve Carrell because…he has brown hair.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

3 Responses to “Just when you’d stopped wondering about Waldo…”

  1. Well, I loved Where’s Waldo. Not sure how the cartoon will translate to the big screen. Or live action. Here’s hoping they do it well. I’m pretty sick of Hollywood crapping all over the things I loved as a child.

  2. They’ll take the title and the red stripey shirt and glasses and send the little fellow on adventures. Probably just another harmless branded adventure series for kids.

    I just wanted to mock the collective fascination with speculating on casting.

  3. And I did appreciate the mock. :)

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