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E3 2009 where all the nerds gather in Los Angeles to talk about the latest electronic nerdery is ongoing as we speak. Normally we wouldn’t care, but Steve Wiebe just attempted once again to take the Donkey Kong title from mullet wearing videogame evil-doer Billy Mitchell – a rivalry captured by the great documentary King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters.

Steve was a genuinely nice guy when I knew him between 5th and 12th grades so I’d be rooting for him even if his competitor wasn’t a jackass…

…alas, a few minutes ago Steve fell short of Mitchell’s high score of 1,050,200 with a score of 923,400.

UPDATE: He’s just begun a 2nd attempt at 11:05 AM Vegas time. You can watch at Justin.TV

UPDATE 12:40pm:  …and his 2nd attempt tops out at 653,700.

8 Responses to “King of Kong, Jr.”

  1. I’m looking for confirmation that you’ve finally seen Kong…

  2. (sound of crickets chirping)

  3. (sound of eyebrows furrowing)…(however that sounds)

  4. I love that doc. So much unexpected fun and drama.

  5. Billy Mitchell is pure evil. Steve Wiebe is the greatest human alive.

    That is all.

  6. I loved the doc too, and your personal link to Mr Wiebe only makes me root for him all the more. But you know, whether or not he bests his unsympathetic rival, I would rather see him walk away from this crusade and accept himself as a winner without recourse to this brand of proof. Mr Mitchell’s mustache twitching villain isn’t the real cause of our hero’s angst.

  7. That’s the weird thing for me Sartre. I remember Steve as a super nice guy and a handsome kid who lots of girls thought was cute, he was good at sports and a talented drummer….it’s kind of bizarre seeing him trying to prove himself vs. a twat like Billy Mitchell.

    I suppose that’s part of the point of the doc, but it’s still odd. It doesn’t quite fit.

  8. I am so jealous of Steve Wiebe … I would love to get paid 10k for all the time i’ve spent practicing video games

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