It’s a slow news day and I have no opinion on the Total Recall remake, the release date for the Stretch Armstrong movie, the Valley Girl “musical feature”, another Scream trilogy or Catherine Hardwick and Emile Hirsch’s modern take on Hamlet, so I give you this bit of YouTube mash-up humor by way of Cinematical.

It made me laugh, but I wish they’d managed to do the whole scene and I also wish this was about 10 years ago.

Being from Reservoir Dogs, I should probably add that it’s NSFW, but if you’re reading Living in Cinema at work you should probably be fired anyway.

8 Responses to “Kermit don’t tip”

  1. Thank you Craig. :-)

  2. pretty funny, huh?

  3. Hilarious.

  4. Yay. I wanna see the Muppet Kill Bill now.

  5. I love that Kermit has Steve Buscemi’s voice. Here’s the Pulp Fiction one made by a different person.

  6. “…but if you’re reading LIVING IN CINEMA at work you should probably be fired anyway.”

    I’d say…

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. HAH.

    That was priceless. I kept looking over at Miss Piggy. She went from outraged to mystified. That was one of the things that was cracking me up.

    As a passionate Tarantino fan, I salute you, Craig.

    Thanks, honey bunny…

  7. I mostly liked the reaction shots – like Animal’s first one.

  8. Casting Floyd as Eddie Bunker was pretty spot on, but I don’t know if I’m buying Fozzie Bear as Harvey Keitel.

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