Alex CoxBuried in the Universal press release that shuffled Wolfman and Green Zone off to 2010 was a bit about Jude Law and Forest Whitaker’s long-delayed (it began production in October 2007 and post-production in January 2008) sci-fi action thriller Repossession Mambo getting retitled Repo Men! and targeted for the first part of 2010.

Apparently this is all news to Repo Man filmmaker Alex Cox whose Repo Chick we noted this morning will be making its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival.

When LiC passed along a report about what we assumed was Cox’s sequel to Repo Man back in July 2008, Cox veteran Del Zamora turned up in the comments section to correct us:

The graphic novel titled Waldo’s Hawaiian Holiday is the original script to the sequel to REPO MAN. Alex Cox became frustrated trying to get that script off the ground. So, when he was approached to make “WHH” into a graphic novel, he let the script become a graphic novel (read comic book). Why “WHH” has that title, has to do with rights to the title REPO MAN, which Universal Pictures owns.

Repo Chick on the other hand is the newest script that Alex wants to make into a movie. A sequel in the strictest sense, it will not be. Just as “WHH” was not a sequel, per se. Remember this is Alex Cox. He never comes out of anywhere, but left field and we love him for it.

On his own blog meanwhile, Cox writes that he’d received a “cease and desist” letter from Universal’s legal stooges (my characterization) asking him to stop production on Repo Chick, but that he ignored it and went ahead with the non-sequel anyway. It’s now a month from being complete.

About Repo Men!, Cox can only speculate:

I’m sure this is an excellent film, which Universal accidentally forgot to distribute, and now are passing off, in their innocence, as the new REPO MAN. Only a cynical person might see any attempt to catch the upward draft of REPO CHICK, and give loft to a turkey.

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3 Responses to “Universal repossessing Cox’s thunder?”

  1. Talk about life imitating art, but this sounds like it could have been in an Alex Cox movie. Weird all around.

  2. Universal didn’t know what it had with the original REPO MAN. It is considered a indie classic by all who care about the indie film world. Yet, Universal still has no idea what they had, and could have, with a director like Alex Cox. REPO MAN has made money over the years for them. Much more than they put out and with very little support from them. They should have taken a shot at releasing an Alex Cox “Repo” movie as soon as they knew about it. Instead, they change the title of a movie, originally titled Repossession Mambo, to Repo Men. Why? One suspects that Universal is playing monopoly games with people’s lives and careers again.

    Always support the artist over the corporation. Wa ha guru.



  3. We’re on the same page Artnam. Movies don’t get made without money and Universal has the money, but they need to remember that it was the small chance they took in the first place that rewarded them.

    The problem with studios now is that they’re banks run by bean counters. To reduce risk, they reduce creativity.

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