Yesterday, the Coen portion of For Each His Own Cinema (Chacun son cinéma) turned up on YouTube and now here’s David Lynch’s entry: Absurda. The short wasn’t finished in time to play with the contributions from the other directors so it was screened on opening night before Wong Kar-wai’s My Blueberry Nights instead.

What’s the French word for “creepy?”

via: The Auteurs twitter feed

7 Responses to “A soupçon of Lynch: Absurda”

  1. Creepy and cool.

  2. yeah that about sums it up.

    Makes me want a new Lynch movie. Besides producing that Herzog film, guiding Interview Project and the photo collaboration he did with Danger Mouse, I haven’t heard that he’s been up to anything cinematic.

  3. It would be nice to have something new from him.

    Oh, and according to the online English-French translator, the French word for creepy is bestiole. They also have the following colloquial phrase: qui donne la chair de poule.

  4. Merci!

  5. Well, there goes the idea of me sleeping anytime too soon.

    Infectiously twisted and bizarre, as one would expect from Mr. Lynch.

  6. Well, after INLAND EMPIRE, I think we would have to come to some sort of an agreement that nothing from him would surprise us. But I am a big fan of INLAND EMPIRE, as so many here at LIC are, I’m pretty sure.

  7. I loved Inland Empire, Sam though I’m unable to explain why exactly.

    For me it was Lynch at his most unhinged which obviously can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your perspective. For me it’s a good thing, though it’s not a film I’d run around recommending people see.

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