I’ve never met Kim Voynar,  but she’s among my favorites as far as internet movie scribblers goes. I like her attitude and perspective and she’s one of the writers I turn to for opinions out of the big festivals.

Even as a stranger I was dismayed to read just now that she took seriously ill at the recent Toronto International Film Festival.

There’s nothing I can say about it or add to it, but I want to join the collective well-wishing and I hope Kim has a speedy and complete recovery.

5 Responses to “Kim Voynar’s Toronto trauma”

  1. Oh my God, that’s awful. Prayers and well-wishes for her.

  2. Jeez, what a nightmare experience. I’ve always enjoyed Voynar’s writing on film but her response to this terrible ordeal leaves me feeling enormous admiration for her as a human being.

  3. Oh, wow, that’s simply horrible. She writes about it so clearheadedly, but it’s unfathomable how you cope with all that. Let’s hope her colleagues and contacts rally around her to help pay for treatments the way the music industry did when, for instance, Alejandro Escovedo almost died from Hepatitis C with no health insurance.

  4. Holy crap. That is absolutely horrible. I hope she makes a full recovery and can move forward, but in the mean time god speed and best wishes to her and her family.

  5. It’s especially craptacular because it sounds like with her situation even if she makes it through physically with smooth sailing, it’s just the beginning of her troubles.

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