I’ve recently been getting into Netflix’s free streaming service on my laptop. The quality isn’t optimal so mostly I’ve been using it for TV shows, but I’ve enjoyed old episodes of Rockford Files and I’ve also been rewatching Ken Burns’ imperfect, but excellent Jazz documentary.

My laptop was purchased for portability rather than multi-media ass kickingality so I’d have to be pretty desperate to see a movie that way, but it turns out soon I (and you) will be able to enjoy Netflix on my (and your) TV through my (and your) Sony PlayStation 3. The best part is that it’s free with all of the unlimited plans…though knowing Netflix once they get people hooked on the service they’ll start charging for it just like they did Blu-ray rentals. I love you and hate you, assholes.

Anyway, the service will require internet connectivity for the PS3 and in the beginning a free Blu-ray disc that Netflix is providing will have to be inserted into the machine to unlock the streaming and allow access to the Netflix player. The free discs will be available later this year, but you can reserve yours here now.

via: ComingSoon

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