Dennis Hopper

Sad new to pass along this evening as THR reports that Dennis Hopper has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and is canceling all travel plans to begin treatment.

There’s no word on the prognosis or if this has anything to do with his hospitalization earlier this month.

Best wishes to Goon, Dave Hastings, Billy, Moon, Kansas, Tom Ripley, Shooter, Feck and of course, Frank Booth.

4 Responses to “Dennis Hopper diagnosed with prostate cancer”

  1. Aw, poor guy. Hope the prognosis is good. Sometimes prostate cancer is one of the most treatable of cancers, and sometimes it’s of course fatal. I would think that with his access to healthcare his would be in the manageable category, but that’s just pure speculation. At any rate, much sympathy for the Hoppers (and Hastings, Ripleys, Booths, etc.).

  2. Best wishes to him and his family and my hope that his treatment goes well and he’s quickly back to full health.

  3. This kind of thing just bums me out. There are no details, so hopefully they caught it early and he’ll be ok.

  4. How about Mad Dog?

    Considering his legendarily excessive habits over the years, it’s almost shocking that he’s been in good health up ’til now. Not to be judgmental or cast blame — I’m just saying it’s no surprise when a couple of decades on the edge take their toll.

    It goes without saying that I have an inordinate fondness for his work, some of it to a possibly unhealthy degree. Let’s hope he recovers fully.

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