The Road

Yahoo has the second trailer for John Hillcoat’s adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road starring Viggo Mortensen, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Charlize Theron, Guy Pearce and Robert Duvall.

According to those who’ve seen it, the post-apocalyptic tale is pretty bleak stuff but it feels to me a little like they’re overselling uplift in the second half of this trailer, especially with the swelling music. That’s a recipe for horrible word of mouth if you promise something feelgoody and it turns out to be a cold glass of dirty water poured down your crotch.

After mixed reviews in the trades at Venice, The Road was well received at Toronto and came in 2nd to A Prophet at the recently concluded London Film Festival.

It remains to be seen if the supposedly cash-strapped Weinstein Company will be able to mount any kind of Oscar campaign for it when they appear to be focused on Nine and A Single Man.

The Road will be play AFI Fest on November 4 and it opens in theaters on November 25.

Stream the trailer after the jump.

4 Responses to “Trailer #2: The Road”

  1. lol “cold glass of dirty water poured down your crotch”


    Not the words I expect the Weinsteins were hoping to have associated with their Oscar prospect as the second trailer hit the web.

    Funny. More laughs in this post than I bet are in the film and book combined.

  2. This is a great film that’s also really, really difficult to sell. Still, I don’t think the Weinsteins have done a particularly good job so far; if they were going to go the big-swelling-music route, they could have done better than this. Two things though: 1.) They got rid of that shit at the beginning of the first trailer, with the fake disaster footage or w/e; 2.) it’s better than that god awful new poster.

  3. That new poster is HORRIBLE.

    Marketing is a tricky business. Maybe they’ll get some people into the theater they wouldn’t ordinarily have gotten, but at what cost?

    Where The Wild Things Are did a good job of honestly portraying a difficult to sell film, yet it still dropped off more than 50% in the second weekend.

  4. The obvious effects shots near the beginning really take me out of it. Digital effects and matte painting have to be completely invisible in order to work in a film like this.

    Still, looking forward to having the living shit depressed out of me.

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