Hands down my favorite Oscar winner this year was Kunio Kato’s sublime animated short La maison en petits cubes. So it is with interest I turn to yesterday’s announcement of the short-listed animated shorts for next year.

The only two names to jump out are Peter Sohn’s Partly Cloudy which played before Pixar’s Up and Nick (Wallace and Gromit) Park’s A Matter of Loaf and Death.

You can see trailers for a number of the following pics around the web and you can stream The Cat Piano above.

Here are the short-listed potential nominees:

  • The Cat Piano – Eddie White and Ari Gibson, directors (The People’s Republic of Animation)
  • French Roast – Fabrice O. Joubert, director (Pumpkin Factory/Bibo Films)
  • Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty – Nicky Phelan, director, and Darragh O’Connell, producer (Brown Bag Films)
  • The Kinematograph – Tomek Baginski, director-producer (Platige Image)
  • The Lady and the Reaper (La Dama y la Muerte) – Javier Recio Gracia, director (Kandor Graphics and Green Moon)
  • Logorama – Nicolas Schmerkin, producer (Autour de Minuit)
  • A Matter of Loaf and Death – Nick Park, director (Aardman Animations Ltd.)
  • Partly Cloudy – Sohn, director (Pixar Animation Studios)
  • Runaway – Cordell Barker, director (National Film Board of Canada)
  • Variete – Roelof van den Bergh, director (il Luster Productions)

Source: THR

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