Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone. If you’re at a party this evening, I hope it goes more smoothly for you than it did for Peter Sellers as Hrundi V. Bakshi in Blake Edwards’ The Party. Be safe. Be happy. I wish you a new year that is even better than the last, personally, professionally and cinematically. (read…)

‘Weakened’ Forecast: Starting the New Year with a wimper

Village of the Damned There are a whopping two new releases this weekend and they’re both limited and they both opened yesterday. The White Ribbon. This might be Michael Haneke’s most accessible and “likable” film, but I can’t help feeling he’s still making the audience the victim of his misanthropic scolds even as the film’s (read…)

Silencio! Filmmaker Mag’s best Amerindies of the decade

Filmmaker Magazine tallies up the best American independent films of the decade and they join Film Comment and indieWIRE in celebrating David Lynch’s Mulholland Dr. I could watch the top three over and over and over. Mulholland Dr. – David Lynch (2001) There Will be Blood – Paul Thomas Anderson (2008) No Country for Old (read…)

‘Mulholland Dr.’ tops Film Comment’s best of the decade

Film Comment asked assorted “critics, programmers, academics, filmmakers” and other movie nerds to vote for the best films of the 2000s and David Lynch’s Mulholland Dr. came out on top. At least 7 of the top 20 have a real shot at my own list (if I decide to make one). Here’s the Top 20. (read…)

A last look back at LiC’s most anticipated films of 2009

This is not my Top 10 of 2009 or my Top 10 of the decade. I’m not ready to do them yet. I know all the cool kids have done them, but screw ’em. I’ll roll mine out after the new year when people return from mental and physical holiday. Instead (and before we look (read…)

2009 National Film Registry Selections

Highlights include Dog Day Afternoon, Jezebel, The Muppet Movie, Once Upon a Time in the West and Pillow Talk.

Slow boat to the New Year

Action on the movie front is reduced to a crawl between Christmas and New Year’s Eve and it leaves my brain open to having songs like the above stuck in it. I don’t want to go quietly insane by myself, so I’m sharing it with you. Enjoy! Elsewhere, things are so slow that folks are (read…)

Trailer: Inception

If you’re already on board Inception, I’d recommend skipping the trailer, but if you’re curious check it out at Apple or stream it after the jump.

The Watercooler: Bridges is grizzled while ‘Parnassus’ sizzles and ‘Nine’ trades razzle dazzle for fizzle drizzle

Say what you want about Avatar. It’s making a crapload of money.  Sure, you could argue it has an advantage with the inflated 3-D ticket price, but in its second weekend it dropped a minuscule 2% from its opening weekend easily topping newcomers Sherlock Holmes, the Alvin and the Chipmunks sequel and Meryl Streep’s It’s (read…)

Trailer: The Warlords

The trailer for Chinese historical epic THE WARLORDS starring Jet Li, Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro

Merry Christmas from Living in Cinema

Do You Know How Christmas Trees are Grown?

Holiday Forecast: It’s Elementary

One of my favorite things every year is going to the movies Christmas morning. Traffic is light and parking is easy and theaters are sparsely populated until the evening showings. In Los Angeles at least, it seems like there’s usually something coming out right before or on Christmas worth having waited the whole year for. (read…)

2009 in Cinema

I’m the only one I know who openly enjoys the clip packages at the Oscars every year so I’m naturally drawn to one man’s well-edited look at what 2009 had to offer at the movies. I wish there were a higher quotient of movies I liked represented to the ones I didn’t, but then I (read…)

French Trailer: Inception (Incursion)

— Remove by request of Warner Bros. — Update: Not too surprisingly, Warner Bros. has methodically tracked down all copies of the trailer. I’m sure it’ll turn up officially sooner rather than later. I rarely bother with foreign language trailers, but this one benefits in two ways: 1) French always sounds super cool and 2) (read…)

Film Comment and Village Voice join ‘Hurt Locker’ parade

Yes, I know I’m mostly only passing along the snobbier critics lists, but here are a couple more: Film Comment: The Hurt Locker – Kathryn Bigelow The Headless Woman – Lucrecia Martel Summer Hours – Olivier Assayas 35 Shots of Rum – Claire Denis Fantastic Mr. Fox – Wes Anderson Police, Adjective – Corneliu Porumboiu (read…)

indieWIRE: ‘Summer Hours’ best of 2009

indieWIRE has rounded up over 100 critics and bloggers for their annual best of poll and Olivier Assayas’ Summer Hours came out on top for 2009 while David Lynch’s Mulholland Dr. was chosen best of the decade. Here are the top 11 from indieWIRE’s Best of 2009 with the film’s score and the number of (read…)

Poster #2: Inception

There’s a second poster for Christopher Nolan’s Inception. Click the image above to see the whole thing or head over to First Showing for an explanation of the viral fun leading to it. Am I going to post every Inception image that comes down the pipeline? Hell no, but you can check out the first (read…)

Don’t need another satellite

A few weeks ago in the early blush of awards season when I was still feeling engaged and slightly enthusiastic, I ran the nominees for the 14th Annual International Press Academy Satellite Awards. Now, In the interest of completion, we have the winners: The Hurt Locker for best drama and Nine for best comedy/musical. I’m (read…)

Pardon the mess

I’ve been quietly planning a modest redesign of LiC for many months now. To say my web design skills are rudimentary would be an insult to those who really do have a rudimentary grasp of such things. On top of that, I’d rather spend my time writing than making things look pretty. As a consequence, (read…)

Watercooler: Avatar vs. Abyss, reopening Hurt Locker

Avatar rules critics and audiences, The Abyss holds up surprisingly well and The Hurt Locker is still a knockout.

Brittany Murphy, Actress: 1977 – 2009

Actress Brittany Murphy, best known for her roles in Clueless, Girl Interrupted, 8 Mile and as the voice of Luanne in TV’s animated King of the Hill died in Los Angeles this morning at the age of 32. It’s always extra sad when someone dies so young. A cause of death has not been confirmed (read…)

Shelter from the Avatar storm

I hope you loved Avatar because there aren’t going to be many places to hide from it between now and March 7 when it wins multiple Oscars. With pretty unanimous praise from the top critics (I wish I had some of whatever was in the Kool-Aid they drank when they watched this thing last week), (read…)

Review: Avatar (2009) *** 1/2

James Cameron’s AVATAR takes a step forward in 3D visuals, but a step backward in 2D storytelling

Weekend Forecast: Blues in the night

Opening wide this weekend: The good, but not great Avatar. Opening in limited release: Crazy Heart, Nine and The Young Victoria.

Dan O’Bannon, Screenwriter: 1946 – 2009

Sad news tonight for sci-fi fans as AICN reports the passing of Dan O’Bannon, the man best known for co-writing the story and screenplay behind Ridley Scott’s seminal sci-fi flick Alien. In addition to writing Alien, the USC grad worked on all aspects of John Carpenter’s first film Dark Star (he even played the lead), (read…)

Jennifer Jones, Actress: 1919 – 2009

Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Jones has died at the age of 90. Born Phylis Lee Isley, she had a vibrant career in the ’40s and ’50s, earning her Oscar for 1943’s Song of Bernadette and additional nominations for Since You Went Away (1944), Love Letters (1945), Duel in the Sun (1946) and Love is a Many-Splendored (read…)

2009 SAG Nominations

The SAG nominations came in as I slept. As the biggest single branch of the Academy, the actors’ picks for Outstanding Performance by a Cast are a tempting indicator of five of the eventual Best Picture Oscar nominees and it’s great to see Inglourious Basterds counted among their number. In other notes, I’m surprised Christian (read…)

Trailer: Iron Man 2

This is super old news by internet time, but I was in movies all afternoon and evening. Even after a super hero-free summer (I skipped Wolverine), I’ve got to say I’m still experiencing super ennui. The Dark Knight pretty much satiated my need for dudes in costumes running around fighting other dudes in costumes. Is (read…)

Roy E. Disney: 1930 – 2009

Roy Edward Disney died today at the age of 79. Probably best known for leading the shareholder revolt that led to the 2005 ouster of Michael Eisner from The Walt Disney Company, he was more of a business guy than a creative guy, but as the son of Walt’s brother and Disney co-founder Roy O. (read…)

Hey Noo Yawk – Drop yer socks and grab yer docs

If you live in New York and you’re eager to catch up on a few of this year’s Oscar short-listed documentaries, the fine folks who bring you the Tribeca Film Festival every year will be screening 6 of the 15 short-listees on January 8 & 9, 2010 at Tribeca Cinemas. Now is your chance to (read…)

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