Faithful LiC reader/commenter Sartre correctly identified all but four of Tuesday’s Oscar nominees in the nine contest categories and he wins the Criterion DVD of his choice or another DVD in the same price category.

His only misses:

  • Invictus for Best Picture instead of District 9.
  • Diane Kruger (Inglourious Basterds) for Supporting Actress instead of Maggie Gyllenhaal (Crazy Heart).
  • (500) Days of Summer for Original Screenplay instead of The Messenger.
  • Nine for cinematography instead of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Thanks to everyone who submitted their entries and congratulations to Sartre for his fine display of Oscar aptitude.

18 Responses to “And the LiC Oscar nomination contest winner is…”

  1. Pierre, anticipating a double win prematurely rises from his seat, like Stephen Boyd as Frankie Fane, only to shakily collapse back into it as he registers the true winner’s name.

    While sartre approaches the podium with a look of shocked disbelief the camera momentarily cuts to each of the unsuccessful contestants – unmistakable strain shows through their smiling faces.

    Monica Bellucci hands sartre the award, he briefly entertains planting a long passionate kiss on her, but desists out of respect to his wife and fear of Vincent Cassel.

    Sartre projects a depth of self-effacement worthy of Sergeant York as he dismisses his victory as no more than pure dumb luck and calls for this occasion to be a celebration not of his individual success but of cinema as an art form. He concludes his acceptance speech by addressing the person without whom none of this would be possible:

    “Craig, you’re a walking encyclopedia of cinema and your film blog is as beautiful as your legs. You make me question my sexuality.”

  2. Haha, congrats, sartre – you are well attuned to the Academy mindset, sir.

  3. Hahahaha.

  4. Congrats, sartre!!! I’ll be leading the protests over your failure to thank God.

  5. “I’ll be leading the protests over your failure to thank God.”

    I did at the very end. Though I guess Craig is only a minor god.

  6. How the hell do you only miss 4? God, and I thought I did well. Nothing puts in your place like a predict-the-Oscars-contest.

  7. Ah, sartre, I always knew God had nice legs :)

  8. These picks didn’t cover all nomination categories, so that helped keep the number of misses down. It was fluke. My tentative illusion of control fed off the notion that I increased my chances by being ultra-conservative and by not feeling personally invested in the race.

    Haha Dorothy.

  9. Hey, isn’t New Zealand 18 hours ahead of us? I bet that nogoodlousy sartre got the nominations announcement early and just conveniently forgot a few to make it look authentic. Stinker. I had plans for that Criterion. :)

  10. I fashion myself after Henry Gondorff :-)

  11. This is fabulous news! Congrats Sartre!!!!!!!

  12. Good work Sartre! 46 is a mightily impressive score.

    Back to the drawing board for next year I suppose.

    Craig, any chance we can get some statistics on everyone’s predictions? I remember you including them last year on request and well, I’m requesting!

    I’m sure others would be interested to know what the trends/patterns/results of others’ were…?

  13. Well, sartre, when you’ve won as many awards as yours truly, it’s always a thrill — and I’m sure my close friend Meryl can testify to this — it’s always a thrill to see a young, eager-to-please upstart quite simply lucks out.

    [Aside] I wasn’t going to mention this, but yours truly intentionally threw the bout out of a sort of empathy — or was it pity? — for those of us who must live in out-of-the-way, third world countries.

    I mean — after all – who wouldn’t have picked The Blind Side?

  14. O the humanity!

    What’s wrong with third world? Third is still a place on the podium.

  15. I just want everyone to know that an imposter has been planting scurrilous comments all over the internets. The primary suspect is a disgruntled former intern named Fergus.

    Congratulations, sartre, for your prescience! Now you can have your Criterion copy of The Blind Side!

  16. LOL!

  17. Congrats, sartre.

    Your victory in this contest made my week. It was certainly far more memorable than the Academy Award nominations themselves.

    In the words of the immortal Paul Newman in ROAD TO PERDITION:

    I’m glad it was you.

  18. Thanks Miranda. You guys and dolls are the best.

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