Ok, you’ve seen how I think the race for the short film Oscars is going to shape up and you’ve maybe even had a chance to see the films yourself. Now head over to Shorts International (the fine folks who’ve brought them to theaters and iTunes for your enjoyment), click on “predict” and vote which films you think will take home Oscar gold.

In the live action category as of this writing, Instead of Abracadabra narrowly trails The New Tenants. In the animated category, A Matter of Loaf and Death has the lead with Logorama close behind.

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  1. I will be seeing the Animated Shorts this evening, and tomorrow night, it will be the Live-Action ones, so at that point I’ll be able to have a firm opinion.

  2. The original thread disappeared, but now I’ve changed my vote again.

    Animated Short: The Lady and the Reaper (have decided that Nick Park is wearing thin).

    Live Action Short: Instead of Abracadabra

    Documentary Short: China’s Unnatural Disaster: The Tears of Sichuan Province

  3. Absolutely agree with you on Park, though I still have a suspicion he’s going to win. At any rate, I’m increasingly convinced my pick of Granny O’Grimm will lose

    Your live action pick is also a solid one.

    For doc, I’m thinking the GM flick is just too timely to be avoided. I should add I haven’t seen any of the doc shorts.

  4. Craig, I agree that the China film is less timely and probably the most obvious choice. However, the man behind China’s Unnatural Disaster is a virtual superstar in the documentary field, and that’s why I’m choosing his film:


  5. By most accounts, it’s the better film too.

  6. Oops! I meant to say, the GM film is more timely and possibly the more obvious choice. It’s structure, though, is basically employees speaking to an off-camera interviewer.

  7. You’re convincing me. Alas, I’m already officially on record here and elsewhere so I’m sticking to GM

  8. so I’m sticking to GM

    Take solace in the fact that , if you go down, you’ll have lots of company!

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