Trailer: The Expendables

This almost plays like a satire of bad action movies. And yes, that was actually Dolph Lundgren’s name in the credits. What, couldn’t they find Brian Bosworth? The Expendables hams its way into theaters on August 13.

2010 Method Fest: Footprints

2010 Method Fest, the 12th annual film festival with an emphasis on acting wraps up tomorrow in Calabasas California. If you’re in town, you might want to catch tonight’s 7pm screening of Footprints. It’s the directorial debut of Steven Peros who wrote the screenplay for the Peter Bogdonovich movie The Cat’s Meow which in turn (read…)

TCM Classic Film Festival: April 22 – 25

Turner Classic Movies presents the first ever TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood for four days beginning April 22st and it looks like it’s going to be pretty amazing. More than 50 classic films will be screened at Hollywood’s historic Chinese and Egyptian theaters with Q&As and or introductions from the likes of Mel Brooks, Luise Rainer, Ernest Borgnine, Jerry Lewis, Eva Marie Saint, Tony Curtis, Jon Voight, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Martin Landau, Anjelica Huston, Danny Huston, Eli Wallach, Stanley Donen, Curtis Hanson and many others.

Monsters vs. Aliens vs. Dragons vs. Lazy box office analysis

Steven Zeitchik digs into the numbers behind the opening weekend box office of HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON and comes up with some mighty silly conclusions!

Tribeca adds Freakonomics

Organizers for this year’s Tribeca Film Festival announced this morning that the documentary Freakonomics will close the festival while Letters to Juliet and My Own Love Song will be adding some star power in the middle. Based on Steven Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner’s bestseller that applied economic theories to interesting cultural phenomena, Freakonomics is (read…)

Cannes 2010 poster: Juliette Binoche

copyright © Brigitte Lacombe – graphic design Annick Durban A postage stamp sized version of the official poster for the 63rd Cannes Film Festival turned up a few days ago, but now the Cannes website has the big one…and now so do I. Click it above to enlarge. Juliette Binoche is a fine subject for (read…)

Watercooler: The Columbia Record Club Paradox

A SERIOUS MAN revisited, plus DRAGON soars, HOT TUB is all wet and whatever else you want to talk about from this weekend.

Trailer: UK terrorist comedy ‘Four Lions’

The fine folks at Twitch put up the UK trailer for Four Lions last Wednesday which is a lifetime by Internet standards, but honestly I kind of forgot about it since it premiered at Sundance. The farce about a bumbling crew of terrorists in England doesn’t have a US distributor yet and it’s sure to (read…)

Review: Hot Tub Time Machine (2010) ***

Though it doesn’t quite live up to it’s stupidly comic potential, HOT TUB TIME MACHINE at least has the courage of its rude convictions and it delivers a steady stream of laughs

Review: How to Train Your Dragon 3D (2010) **** 1/2

DreamWorks Animation’s adaptation of Cressida Cowell’s popular children’s book is a surprisingly entertaining film that muscles its way out of the family entertainment ghetto with thrilling sequences of 3D flying.

Trailer: Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s ‘Micmacs’

I’ve been anticipating Micmacs for a while now. It looks like a return to Delicatessen type form for Jean-Pierre Jeunet (City of Lost Children, Amelie). Anyway, here’s the US trailer from Sony Pictures Classics. The story of a man with a bullet lodged in his brain gathering his friends to take revenge on a pair (read…)

Trailer/Poster: Todd Solondz’s ‘Life During Wartime’

Here’s a creepy poster (via IMP Awards) and a French trailer for the latest from Todd Solondz wherein he revisits his characters from Happiness. In Life During Wartime, Ciaran Hinds plays Bill Maplewood (the pedophile played by Dylan Baker in Happiness); Allison Janney takes over for Cynthia Stevens as Bill’s wife Trish; Michael Lerner plays (read…)

The rise of Greta Gerwig

A.O. Scott proclaims Greta Gerwig the actress of her generation. He might have a point.

Roger Ebert plans to reopen the balcony

Roger Ebert hasn’t let his medical problems stop him and he’s not letting Disney’s cancellation of his old show stop him either. Instead, he’s incorporating the name into Roger Ebert Presents At the Movies, a televised review program for which auditions began in Los Angeles last week. Believing there is still a need for a (read…)

Trailer: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Apple’s got the trailer for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) brings Bryan Lee O’Malley’s comic book to the big screen starring Michael Cera as a boy who just wants to get the girl, but first he must vanquish her 7 evil ex-boyfriends. Cera has officially squandered all (read…)

Trailer: The Secret in Their Eyes

When I reviewed Argentina’s The Secret in Their Eyes back in November, I had no idea the film would go on to win the Oscar for best foreign language film, but there it is. It tells the story of Benjamin Esposito (Ricardo Darin who is terrific), a retired criminal court investigator who uses an unsolved (read…)

Weekend Forecast: Hot Tub Time Machine, Chloe

Word on the street is that Hot Tub Time Machine serves up some dumb fun, but my money is on Atom Egoyan’s Chloe opening in limited release. Noah Baumbach’s Greenberg should also be hitting a few more theaters this weekend. As always, don’t forget to check out the rest of what’s happening on LiC’s Now (read…)

‘At the Movies’ ending this summer

Well, Michael Phillips and A.O. Scott made a good last run for the show begun by Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel, but no one cared and now Disney is closing its doors for good. At least it’s going out with a degree of dignity.

Robert Culp, Actor: 1930 – 2010

Yes I know he was the I Spy guy (actually to me he was the Greatest American Hero guy), but this is a movie blog so let’s remember Robert Culp through Paul Mazursky’s Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice. According to reports, Culp died today at the age of 79 after a fall outside (read…)

Review: Chloe (2010) ****

Atom Egoyan’s CHLOE is an uneasy cross between a romantic drama and a trashy erotic thriller, but it works if you can get inside the character’s heads. Julianne Moore is a woman who suspects her husband of cheating and hires prostitute Amanda Seyfried to test his fidelity. Both women are fantastic.

Poster/Trailer: Rodrigo Garcia’s ‘Mother and Child’

Here’s the poster and The New York Times has the first trailer for Rodrigo (Nine Lives) Garcia’s Mother and Child, a look at adoption through the perspectives of three different women: Karen (Annette Bening) who at the age of 14 gave her baby up for adoption; Elizabeth (Naomi Watts), a successful lawyer who was herself (read…)

Press Release: Weinstein picks up ‘Company Men’

John Wells’ directorial debut about corporate downsizing starring Ben Affleck, Chris Cooper, Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones, Maria Bello and Rosemary DeWitt to be released later this year.

The Good, The Bad, The Weird, The Trailer and The Poster

The trailer and poster to THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE WEIRD

Today on DVD: Fantastic Mr. Fox, Blind Side. Next Week: An Education, Sherlock Holmes

Here are your new DVD releases

Akira Kurosawa: March 23, 1910

Please enjoy this clip of Yojimbo on what would have been Akira Kurosawa’s 100th birthday.

Review: The Runaways (2010) *** 1/2

Though it never finds the strength in its own story and it ultimately devolves into a standard-issue rock biography, Kristen Stewart is great as Joan Jett and THE RUNAWAYS brings a fun energy and a period flair.

The Watercooler: 3/21/10

I swear to god I almost walked out of Repo Men. The only reason I stayed in my seat was so I could legitimately say something about it afterward. I’m not sure it was worth it. Much better was The Runaways. It never really rose above the standard issue musical biography, but it had a (read…)

Mini-review: Repo Men (2010) * 1/2

Neither a failed shot at greatness nor a movie so bad that it’s good, Repo Men is the worst kind of bad: boring bad.

Trailer: Alain Resnais’ ‘Wild Grass’

The latest from art house icon Alain Resnais (Hiroshima mon amour, Last Year at Marienbad) starring Sabine Azema, Andre Dussollier, Emmanuelle Devos, Anne Consigny and Mathieu Amalric opens June 25. It won the Special Jury Prize at Cannes in 2009 and was chosen by Cahiers du cinéma as the best film of last year. Hiroshima (read…)

Trailer: Predators

First I was against a sequel to Predator, and then I was for it, and now the trailer turns me back against it.

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