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Harry Brown caught my eye when it played Toronto in 2009. The international trailer didn’t spark much of an interest, but this new red-band US trailer at the film’s official website does a much better job.

Michael  Caine is Harry Brown, a widowed ex-Marine living in a run down, violent neighborhood who turns vigilante bad-ass when hoodlums murder his friend.

I love Michael Caine, I love the somewhat retro poster and I’m kind of in the mood for a solid revenge flick. This one could be just the thing.

The film co-stars Emily Mortimer as an investigating DI and it opens April 30th.

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6 Responses to “Poster/Trailer: Michael Caine revenge flick ‘Harry Brown’”

  1. This could be really solid or another by-the-numbers revenge flick. But I agree about Michael Caine. He would make it worthwhile to check out.

  2. Even if it’s by the numbers, Michael Caine is doing the counting so sign me up.

  3. I’m immediately interested and equally skeptical about anything that involves Michael Caine returning to his Get Carter roots, but this poster reminds me a lot of this Inglourious Basterds poster. Same basic pose as Pitt, the blood red shadow cops the background element, and they even used the Basterds font for the pull quote.

  4. Agreed, but there’s a tongue-in-cheek feel to the IB poster that this one doesn’t have. I like the carnage in Caine’s shadow. They’re both kind of retro which I like.

    I could easily picture Charles Bronson’s mug instead of Caine’s.

  5. The premise reminds me quite a bit of “Grand Torino”, but I enjoy Michael Caine’s nonsense much more than Clint Eastwood’s, so this doesn’t seem too bad. Granted, I’ll only watch it on TV, most likely, but that’s more than I can say for most of Clint’s non-Leone movies.

    Badassery is just more fun, by and large, when it comes from a different country. Plain and simple.

  6. Yes Gran Torino was the first thing that popped into my mind too. I enjoyed GT for what it was (I’m a fan of the Dirty Harry persona and it was nice seeing a kind of incarnation of it dusted off one last time) but it had some big problems that hopefully Harry Brown will avoid.

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