Trailer: Buried

Hot on the heels of the poster premiere for Sundance hit Buried, Apple emerges with the teaser trailer. Interesting. It’s still hard to imagine how this can make a compelling feature length film, but I suppose half the fun will be in finding out.

Weekend Forecast (sound of crickets chirping)

Catherine Keener and Oliver Platt in Please Give The less said about the new release line-up this week the better. All of my movie-going hopes and dreams fall to Nicole Holofcener’s limited release Please Give starring Catherine Keener and Oliver Platt. If you live in LA, Austin, Boston or Honolulu, be sure to check out The (read…)

Trailer: French spy spoof sequel ‘OSS 117: Lost in Rio’

Jean Dujardin is Hubert Bonisseur de la Bath – OSS 117: Lost in Rio I’m a big fan of Michel Hazanavicius’ OSS 117: Cairo Nest of Spies and I’ve been looking forward to the sequel, Lost in Rio. Et voila, you can see the trailer after the jump. It looks to me like Music Box (read…)

Furio Scarpelli, Screenwriter: 1919 – 2010

Italian screenwriter Furio Scarpelli, who co-wrote Sergio Leone’s The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (1966) with Agenore Incrocci, died Wednesday at the age of 90. According to the Telegraph, he had suffered heart trouble for many years. In addition to the Leone classic, Scarpelli and Incrocci co-wrote the Rififi spoof Big Deal on Madonna (read…)

Poster: Bening, Moore and Ruffalo in ‘The Kids Are All Right’

Click to enlarge You’ve read the Sundance reviews, seen the trailer and now here’s the poster for The Kids Are All Right. It seems to be saying “Hey, look at us giggling and sipping wine in our backyard in the hills above Brentwood. You can’t tell who we are or what we’re about, but you (read…)

Poster: Ryan Reynolds in ‘Buried’

Click to enlarge One of the more enthusiastically buzzed events at Sundance in January was the midnight world premiere of Buried starring Ryan Reynolds. Lionsgate has released the teaser poster for the film currently scheduled to open September 24th in limited release and wide on October 8th. Reynolds plays a truck driver working in Iraq (read…)

AFI Fest stays free in 2010

The 24th annual AFI Fest will play out November 4 – 11 in and around the historic Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. According to the press release, free tickets will be available to all screenings just like last year.  “What began as a recession-inspired experiment has proven a new model for film (read…)

Sony Pictures Classics picks up Chomet’s ‘The Illusionist’

One film quietly holding course on LiC radar is The Illusionist, the last film from French animator Sylvain Chomet (The Triplets of Belleville) which made it’s world premiere at Berlinale in January. So it is with interest I note that Sony Pictures Classics announced this morning that they’ve picked the film up for North American (read…)

Ye Olde Watercooler: 4/25/10

Oh hey, look. Sometime on Saturday, How to Train Your Dragon caught up to where Monsters vs. Aliens was at the same point last year. You might remember Dragon opened lower than Monsters and was seen in some quarters as some kind of a disappointment. Turns out it’s not. End of story. I stayed home (read…)

Trailer: Fritz Lang’s ‘Metropolis’ restored… again

Apple has the trailer for the re-restored version of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis which premiered at Berlinale, will be the closing night film of the ongoing TCM Classic Film Festival and which will play in US theaters beginning May 7 at New York’s Film Forum. Re-restored? Well, “definitive” versions of the butchered classic have come out (read…)

Review: The City of Your Final Destination (2010) ****

James Ivory’s latest is a lovely, character and mood-based drama that mixes humor and melancholy with some sharp performances, especially the great Laura Linney.

Five Easy Pieces turns 40

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that a digitally restored copy of Bob Rafelson’s Five Easy Pieces starring Jack Nicholson and Karen Black is playing this week at LA’s Nuart Theatre in celebration of the film’s 40th anniversary. The clip above is the most obvious I could’ve chosen, I know, but if I’d (read…)

The Good, The Bad, The Weird and the Weekend Forecast

Skip the wide releases. If you live in New York, check out THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE WEIRD or BEHIND THE BURLY Q. If you live in LA check out THE CITY OF YOUR FINAL DESTINATION or NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT PERSIAN CATS. If you live somewhere in between, you’re on your own.

Tilda is Love

Over at In Contention, Guy Lodge has posted some unused UK marketing ideas for Tilda Swinton’s I Am Love, the story of a wealthy Milanese family in turmoil. A bunch of them are quite striking (the one above is my favorite) and they’re all a bit better than the one currently being used for the (read…)

IFFLA 2010: Harishchandrachi Factory (2009) *** 1/2

Tonight’s screening at the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles is the US premiere of first-time director Paresh Mokashi’s Harishchandrachi Factory. It’s a breezy, light-hearted look at Dadasaheb Phalke, a portrait photographer and struggling magician who, against great odds, directed the first Indian feature film and in the process launched India’s vibrant film industry, to (read…)

You Don’t Know Al

Watch CBS News Videos Online Thanks to Ryan Adams at AD for pointing me to this embeddable copy of Katie Couric’s 60 Minutes Al Pacino interview. I watched it the old fashioned way on Sunday and forgot everything is all about the internet these days. Anyway, it’s not a very good interview. Couric even admits (read…)

Trailer: Ken Loach’s ‘Looking for Eric’

Apple ran the trailer for Ken Loach’s light comedy-drama back on the 15th, but I was asleep at the switch. It’s probably just as well because I have to say the trailer does the film a disservice in the way it oversells the feelgoodery of it all. The swelling affirmation offered by the trailer is (read…)

IFFLA 2010: Cooking with Stella (2009) ***

The 8th Annual Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles kicks off at Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood tonight with the LA premiere of the lightly satiric charmer Cooking with Stella. As the first of 20 features and 13 short films, it’s a nice way to kick off a festival that promises to bring the other side (read…)

Trailer: Robert Duvall and Bill Murray in ‘Get Low’

Yahoo has the trailer for Get Low. Set during the Depression, the film which played at Toronto last year stars Robert Duvall as a hermit living in the Tennessee woods who turns up in town with plans for a funeral while he’s still alive. Bill Murray plays the funeral parlor owner. Get Low opens July (read…)

Short: Nash Edgerton’s clever ‘Spider’

The best part of stuntman-turned-director Nash Edgerton’s decent but a bit overrated neo-noir The Square was his 2007 short film Spider which played before. As I said elsewhere, the Hitchcock-like cameo the short inspired was also a highlight of the longer film. Rather than spoil the fun by too much set up, I’ll just leave (read…)

Assayas’ ‘Carlos’ scheduled for Cannes

Olivier Assayas’ 5 1/2 hour biography of the 1970s Venezuelan terrorist Ilich Ramírez Sánchez who came to be known as ‘Carlos the Jackal’ has been added to the Cannes out of competition line-up. Planned as a three-part television broadcast in France (and at one time planned for a March release on IFC cable), a two-hour (read…)

Watercooler: ‘Kick-Ass’ doesn’t, but ‘Dragon’ continues to soar

A funny thing happened on the way to the box office. And no, I don’t mean that the box office prognosticators laid a collective egg in overestimating Kick-Ass by at least $10 million. I’m talking about How to Train Your Dragon, the terrific little 3-D animated film that got pegged as a bomb because it (read…)

‘Persian Cats’ CD soundtrack winners

Congratulations to the 5 winners of the NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT PERSIAN CATS soundtrack

Dede Allen, Editor: 1925 – 2010

Claudia Luther reports in the LA Times this morning that Dede Allen, the renowned editor of such films as The Hustler (1961) and Bonnie and Clyde (1967), died Saturday at age 86 just days after suffering a stroke. Luther notes that Allen was the first to incorporate editing techniques developed in the French New Wave (read…)

How mad is mad as hell?

Dear Tea Partiers, Your misplaced fear and rage worries me. How mad do you have to be before this: is twisted into this: Forget about the bogus socialist straw man you’ve set up, how about channeling a little of your seething anger toward the too-big-to-fail oligarchs on Wall Street who are profiting from the destruction (read…)

Three glasses for LiC’s third birthday

I made my first post at Living in Cinema on April 17th, 2007. Exactly three years later, I make my 2,299th. Thanks to everyone who has read a post or left a comment in the last three years and a special shout out to all the weirdos who have helped keep Living in Cinema the (read…)

Review: Kick-Ass (2010) ** 1/2

As Hit-Girl, Chloe Moretz kicks ass. It’s too bad the rest of the film doesn’t.

Trailer: Colin Farrell in Neil Jordan’s ‘Ondine’

Apple has the trailer for Neil Jordan’s Ondine starring Colin Farrell as a fisherman who pulls a young woman out of the water whom he believes is Ondine, a water nymph that will bring him a change of luck. I’m a sucker for this kind of The Secret of Roan Inish thing. A bit of (read…)

Weekend Forecast: Will ‘Kick-Ass’ kick ass?

I’m curious about Kick-Ass, but doubtful it’s going to be anything more than a fanboy wet dream. As usual, more promising are the limited releases with three outright LiC recommends. If it’s playing near you, check out Argentina’s terrific foreign language Oscar winner The Secret in Their Eyes. If you live in New York, I (read…)

Cannes 2010 lineup

I haven’t been paying attention to the fruitless speculation about what might or might not be playing at Cannes this year so I can’t say if this morning’s list has any big surprises or disappointments. As you’d expect, there are some major names here including Jean-Luc Godard, Woody Allen, Oliver Stone, Mike Leigh, Stephen Frears, (read…)

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