I’ve noticed a lot more traffic with the assorted items I’ve posted on the Oscar shorts this year (this despite actively disliking the eventual animated winner) and apparently the general interest has translated into measurable box office for Shorts International and Magnolia Pictures, the folks who have been bringing the nominees to theaters the last few years. For the first time, the program has crossed the $1 million mark in the US.

That sounds like small change when stacked up to your average Hollywood blockbuster, but it’s a decent haul for a program like this. According to the press release, it’s a 52% jump over last year and more than 1000% over five years ago.

All of this is to remind you that the shorts are still playing in various theaters and are still available through cable On Demand and iTunes.

Check out the website for locations and whatnot or read the full press release after the jump:




NEW YORK, US, April 2nd 2010 – Today “The Oscar® Nominated Shorts Films of 2010” crossed the $1 Million mark at the Box Office. Released annually by Shorts International and Magnolia Pictures, the program was created 5 years ago to give audiences a chance to see all 10 Animated and Live Action Oscar® Nominated Shorts in theaters nationally prior to the Academy Awards.

“The short film has gone from the occasional feature film accessory, to the main theatrical event,” said Carter Pilcher, Chief Executive of Shorts International.  “Audiences for the Oscar nominated shorts jumped by 52% in the short space of a year and more than 1000% in 5 years…and this is just the beginning.  For the first time ever these films are also currently available on cable systems through Movies On Demand.”

“It’s an incredible achievement on so many levels,” said Tom Quinn, SVP of Magnolia. “On average, less than 50 specialized films a year cross the $1M mark, so to see our little program blossom into a big contender is a testament to the quality of these films.  It’s even more astounding considering that the marketing budget for the program has been the exact same year in and year out.”

“I’m thrilled that so many people have discovered these fantastic short films, and seeing them with an audience on the big screen surpasses any other viewing experience,” said Bill Kroyer, Governor and Chair of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Short Film and Feature Animation Branch

The program is entering its seventh weekend in selected cinemas across the US. To find a theater near you, visit www.shortshd.com/theoscarshorts. It is also available through iN DEMAND to US cable audiences via Movies On Demand (MOD).  This year’s program includes all the nominees as well as the Academy Award winners for best Live Action short, “New Tenants”, and best Animated short, “Logorama”

2 Responses to “Oscar shorts rake in the cash”

  1. I thought Logorama was a really exciting piece. ;P
    More on the action flick flare than I’ve seen on other shorts, but glad to know that more people are enjoying them more than ever~~~

    I hope Hollywood doesn’t take it as a sign of “let’s make some shorts for less budget” But more on the line of “let’s give these amazing shorts the platform to get seen in theaters” ^^

  2. I know I’m alone in the anti Lograma department.

    I just thought it was a one joke gimmick. Obviously, no one agrees.

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