The best part of stuntman-turned-director Nash Edgerton’s decent but a bit overrated neo-noir The Square was his 2007 short film Spider which played before. As I said elsewhere, the Hitchcock-like cameo the short inspired was also a highlight of the longer film.

Rather than spoil the fun by too much set up, I’ll just leave you to it.

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8 Responses to “Short: Nash Edgerton’s clever ‘Spider’”

  1. Aye Craig, this one is well worth a separate post here, and while I continue to regard THE SQUARE higher than you, I am with you completely with this creative send-up. I was jolted twice here!

  2. I hope anyone reading this comment thread watches the film first. I don’t want to put an overt spoiler warning because sometimes just saying there is a spoiler warns you to expect something and ruins the kick.

    Having said that, here there be spoilers: I loved how I thought I knew what was coming, but it surprised me twice. As soon as he put the spider under the visor I was anticipating a car crash, but that didn’t happen exactly. The minute she jumped out of the car I was back on track, though only at the very last minute so it still counts as a shock. The final gotcha I didn’t see coming at all.

    I just wish The Square had been as clever as Spider. It was not a bad film by any means, but a disappointing one because the characters fell flat. Their success or failure was of little consequence to me, unlike say Blood Simple which is both clever and I also grew to like Francis McDormand’s character plus Dan Hedaya was such a scumbag you couldn’t not root against him.

    In this case, the leads weren’t that likable and their spouses (even the scummy husband) weren’t that dislikable. They were ordinary people who got in over their heads, but even that wasn’t capitalized on.

  3. Well Craig, film noir specialist Tony d’Ambra, who is Australian, completely concurs with the issues you had with THE SQUARE.

  4. I still think it was a fine first film. It was unusually self-confident and I look forward to bigger and brighter things from Edgerton.

  5. I can’t wait to see “The Square,” particularly to see and hear the audience’s reaction to this short. I have taken some time over the past week to watch all of Edgerton’s notable short films, and he seems like an immense talent.

    He has another similar short film called “Fuel” which nearly made me jump out of my seat. Not quite as clever as “Spider,” and at 17 minutes it runs a bit too long, but his ability to create a tense atmosphere is just so impressive.

  6. He’s a talent to watch for sure and I’m in a pretty tiny minority of people who were a little underwhelmed by The Square. I think maybe I should’ve seen it cold without all the advance critical hype.

  7. I thought this plays like an extended foreign TV commercial. This is the kind of directing we get these days. That’s my brusque critique.

  8. Maybe it’s because a lot of commercials these days attempt to be little short films. I think this one works (and there’s no product at the end).

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