Yahoo has the trailer for Get Low. Set during the Depression, the film which played at Toronto last year stars Robert Duvall as a hermit living in the Tennessee woods who turns up in town with plans for a funeral while he’s still alive. Bill Murray plays the funeral parlor owner.

Get Low opens July 30.

7 Responses to “Trailer: Robert Duvall and Bill Murray in ‘Get Low’”

  1. Interesting. The concept isn’t new, but the story still looks like it could be compelling. I like the cast, of course.

  2. This just seemed so-so to me. There was certainly nothing wrong with it, but nothing really caught my interest either.

  3. At this point I’m ambivalent about this one. Maybe I’m cynical. It just seems to me that Duvall is trying a little too hard to win another Oscar. But who am I to judge?

  4. As Pierre and I have talked about before, I’m a bit on the fence with Duvall too, much as it pains me to say.

    Still, I didn’t actually watch the trailer. I’m going off the cast and the mixed buzz out of Toronto to keep my interest up.

  5. but, pierre we’re here to judge ! :)

  6. It looks like an entertaining little popcorn movie with a great cast to enjoy and laugh at and then forget about a month later. Hollywood sometimes love to give those awards. With this cast, I’m curious about it, but it’s probably a DVD rental for me.

  7. Thanks for reminding me, glimmer. How silly of me to forget!

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